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Playing casino games online for free is often a much better option than going to a land based casino and playing them with real money. Thanks to free online Roulette and Baccarat gaming opportunities, you never have to spend real money on entertainment again. 

Understanding the basics of online Baccarat is easy to do, as the game is played the same way online as it is offline. The most basic things you need to know to enjoy a game of Baccarat are simple. Place your bet, so that other players can see it on the table. You then must choose to focus either on your own bet or on the bet the dealer has just made. After you have placed your chips on the table, you will be dealt a hand of cards with the goal for the total value of them to come as close to nine as possible. If your hand is worth nine, you win the hand and the banker loses it. If your hand has a value of any less than five a third card will be dealt to you in an attempt to reach 9. As long as you understand these simple steps, you can understand any game of Baccarat. 

When it comes to playing free online Roulette, it helps to have a strategy in mind for doing so. The most widely used strategy in this game is the Fibonacci System. This is a mathematical system that helps you make better decisions while playing the game because it helps you place bets wisely. To use this system you have to pay attention to the sequence of winning numbers during a particular session of the game. All you have to do is raise the amount of your bet when you are winning and lower it when you are losing. 

While not every Roulette player believes in this system, others swear by it. Since you are playing the game for free, you can safely try the system out without having to worry about losing anything if it doesn’t work. 

No matter where you play it, free online Baccarat and Roulette can be a fun and exciting way to keep you entertained. These games are staples at virtually every online casino you will ever come across. 


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