Preparing to Tackle Home Improvements and Home Repairs: 5 Steps for a Good Start

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More homeowners are doing their own home improvement projects and home repairs to save money. With the proper instructions, most small home repairs and projects are simple enough to do for the average homeowner. But many learn the hard way that they should have prepared for their weekend projects by doing more than gathering the proper tools and materials. To get a good start to your home improvement project or home repair, follow these five steps to get yourself prepared before the morning of the project.

1. Get organized before the day you plan to do home improvements.


It is not a good idea to wait until the morning you plan to work on your kitchen to get organized and renovated with colours, to read more check the paint by colour works. Spend the week before organizing your materials, tools and supplies. Check to make sure you have everything you will need for your project so you do not need to waste time that day running to the home improvement store. Check tools to make sure you have the correct attachments. If you are doing several home improvement projects in one weekend, separate the tools, supplies and materials to make things more organized and easier to move from project to project.Asbestos-Home-Renovations-What-You-Need-to-Know


2. Buy a clipboard or notebook with pockets.


There is a reason you see contractors walking around a project with a clipboard or notebook – they keep everything in one place. Having all of your notes, drawings, instructions, etc. in one convenient place saves time from having to hunt for things in the middle of a project. Use the clipboard to keep everything organized, including any paperwork that comes with new items so you can easily mail in registrations or file warranties after the work is complete.


3. Do not sleep late and do your hardest work first.


Get up and begin early that morning. It is tempting to sleep in on days you do not have to be at work, but the earlier you begin, the earlier you will finish. Furthermore, if working outside, you need to take advantage of daylight hours to finish your projects. If you will be doing heavy lifting, demolition or meticulous work, do this early in the morning when you are fresh and energized. As you work throughout the day, you will be glad you got the difficult part of the job accomplished first.


4. Assume the project will take longer than you think.


Unless you are a professional, remember that home improvement projects are not something you do on a regular basis. You do not want to rush when doing a home repair because you may make mistakes. Do not set unrealistic deadlines for yourself based on when a professional would complete the job because you will frustrate yourself. Just assume that the project will take more time and you will not get annoyed with yourself.


5. Always have a Plan B in place before beginning and assume the worst.


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