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With more than 9,700+ locations in 49 states of United States, chances are CVS store is near your location. CVS mainly offers Pharmacy but apart from selling drug, CVS and Walgreens started selling many other products and service. In this article I am going to share of the services and products that CVS sells. 

CVS Facts:

1. CVS has more than 9,700 locations in 49 states of United States including States of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Brazil

2. CVS did 10 millions counselling intervention through Pharmacy Advisor

3. There are more than 1,100 MinuteClinic location in 33 States

4. More than 35 Millions patients visit MinuteClinic and they have 95% customer rating

5. CVS is the first pharmacy store in United States which stop selling tabacco products

6. CVS has more than 250k employee across 50 states.

Products CVS Sells:

Drugs: CVS sells almost every drug used for medicinal purpose. From Pain killer to Cancer related drug, CVS sells everything.

Beauty Products: Apart from selling Drugs CVS also sell Beauty products both for Men and Women. From Facewash to Eyeliner you can get anything related to beauty product at CVS.

Household Products:

CVS also sell grocery (Household items) such as Toilet Paper, Cleaning supplies, Pet Supplies, Laundry Supplies etc.

CVS also sell Electronics items such as Game Joystick, Screen Protector, Laptop cover, Cell phone cover, Printer Stand, Flashlight, Batteries, Headphones, Ink Cartridges, Memory card and other television related products.

If you want to buy toys for your child, CVS store has it. Apart from Toys CVS specifically sell child care products.

CVS Services:

Stamps: Apart from products CVS also sell Postage Stamps, if you want to buy stamps in emergency just visit any CVS store location near you and get a postage Stamp.

Money Order: YES! You heard it right, CVS also sell Money order. It is always recommended to check out their fees before getting one.

CVS has a store location where you can check “CVS Near Me” easily. 

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