Professional year Australia: Advantages of joining in an Australian Professional Year Program

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Many graduates from certain areas do not know about the professional year program. This program can help you gain 5 additional points while applying for a permanent resident visa. This can be solved in many cases, where the student needs some help to pass the migration target

A professional year program is a designed professional development program that combines formal education and work experience for international students who have graduated from a university in Australia. A Professional Year Program is an option only for those who wish to earn points for their efficient migration.

Professional year programs continue for 12 months and are currently available in the field of accounting, computer science, and engineering – Australian industries where the demand for skilled graduates is high.

Professional year programs are designed primarily for students wishing to apply for permanent residence in Australia. They allow students to develop industry-specific skills through study and work experience, preparing them for the professional career of Australian manpower. The Immigration and Border Protection Department (DIBP) recognizes only the professional year programs which the government has approved.

The professional year can help you:

§  Get extra points 5 for skilled migration: Now when immigration is more competitive, then you will have better points.

§  To obtain a positive skill assessment: To get the positive assessment in IT, you need 1-year experience or professional year; you need an educational IELTS or business year of 7.0 in the account.

You must complete professional year in accounting, computer science or engineering (or proximity related area). You will need to have a Skilled-Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485), which allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months after completion of your degree.

To qualify for this visa, you must be 50 years of age, have completed the eligibility as a result of at least two years of study in Australia in the last six months and the skills and competencies required for the business listed on this Is received a skilled business listing.

Engineering graduates have completed their degree in an accredited institution outside Australia, who is eligible to complete a business year program in engineering. They should apply for Skilled – Accredited Bachelor (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 476).

There are several benefits to completing the Professional year:

§  You earn valuable work experience in Australian company through an internship.

§  You are able to improve your understanding of the culture and practices within the Australian workplace.

§  You can learn how to talk in a professional way within the Australian workplace.

§  While applying for Skid Independent (Sub Class 189) Visa, you are eligible to get five points for the Immigration and Border Protection Department (DIBP).

The Professional Year Program provides international ICT/computing graduates of Australian universities with the necessary practical skills and training to increase their career prospects. Another way of employment from the university, this program ensures that graduates are ready for the job.

It can be challenging to secure your first job (or interview) after graduation, the Australian job market is extremely competitive, but the Professional Year Program can help you stand out from it:

§  Increasing your understanding of Australian workers

§  Providing an industry-relevant internship placement

§  Building your professional network for future employment


The objective of the Professional Year Programs is to increase the skills and employment of international graduates to address the lack of skills in Australia in ICT businesses. After successful completion of the program, five (5) points may be given to skilled migration under qualified business.

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