Properties & Opinion Of Kombucha

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Kombucha is a slightly acidic and refreshing drink that is obtained by mixing green tea or black tea with a culture of bacteria and yeast with solid mass and allowing it to ferment. The secret of this drink is precisely in this crop. Which multiplies during the fermentation process of the beverage leading to the creation of the new lighter colored mass that can be used for subsequent preparation. As the case with mother’s pasta or kefir, the original preparation continues to regenerate and can be handed down from generation to generation.

Properties Of Kombucha

The drink contains Vitamin B that is very important for the nervous system, vitamin c that strengthens the immune system in addition to live yeast containing vitamins and lecithin. Digested immediately in the stomach. It remains active in the intestine. The most important beneficial property is just the probiotic activity .

Really many additional benefits attributed to the consumption of this fermented drink: ability to prevent obesity, strengthen the kidneys, limit baldness, strengthen muscles, improve and even heal arthritis, improve visual acuity, act in a beneficial way in the treatment of heart disease, sleep disturbances and joint pain. without however having actual and unmistakable scientific findings.


Opinions against the Consumption of this drink

There are those who think the kombucha is even harmful. If not prepared and stored with all the necessary caution, it may cause side effects such as vomiting, jaundice and skin rashes. Opponents rely on the opinion expressed by the American Cancer Society, which states that there is no scientific evidence of the benefits that kombucha would have on the human body, especially on the antitumor properties, adding that there have been cases of side effects and that those who have an immune deficiency situation, such as cancer patients, should avoid consuming this drink, because fermentation could favor, if not done correctly, the formation of harmful bacteria and molds.


Kombucha is bad

Always the American Cancer Society warns that, if kombucha recipe prepared or stored in ceramic or crystal containers containing lead or paint, it may become toxic, as the high acidity of kombucha makes it possible to absorb these elements.


Analyze the opinions in favor and against the consumption of kombucha, I am told in medio stat virtus. If consumed moderately and prepared according to good hygiene rules , the beneficial effects, especially on our intestines, should be the same as all fermented foods.

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