Pros and Cons of Student Loan to Get a Business Education

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As of June 1016, 42 million citizens of America owed $1.3 trillion in student debt, and the average debt equaled to $29,000. It’s not surprising that family members and friends often advise not to contract student loans. They usually don’t want you to have more debts than you can repay, particularly if you don’t find a well-paid job after graduation. However, similar to any other part of university selection process, determining whether or not to take on credit requires comprehensive data and consideration, so let’s take a glance at the world of student loans, and see what factors may influence your decision.

Drawbacks of Student Loans

Unexpected Circumstances

    Change of major, leading to another career choice

    You don’t like your career

    Family’s financial situation has changed

    You transfer colleges

Young people have to comprehend how unexpected circumstances can make it virtually impossible to repay a credit, which can affect credit history, as well as the graduate’s ability to keep a family in future. Students getting a degree in business have to understand that a credit taken for college has to be repaid, whether you obtain higher education or not. It’s not easy to look four years ahead and determine if you are going to like your career, but research and insightful analysis can help you make a choice.

Lack of Self-Sufficiency

High debt forces graduates to live with their folks, delay marriage, parenthood and other important adult milestones. Consistent with the Federal Reserve Study, young people who have never gone into debt are more likely to live in their own houses in comparison with those who have to repay their credits. Student loan borrows delay retirement savings (41%), auto purchases (40%), house purchase (29%), and marriage (15%).

High Interest Rates

Federal student loans have fixed rates, yet, the yearly percentage still changes every year. Consistent with Credible, even a 2% rise can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of difference. In turn, private loans differ between 2% and 12%. In the case of private ones, student loan interest rates are floating, which leads to an even more unpredictable amount to pay. Present climate means that floating interest rates are competitive, but that could be about to change.

Debt Won’t Be Forgiven in Bankruptcy

The attempts to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy are usually unsuccessful. To have a debt discharged, a business graduate has to confirm “undue hardships,” which is difficult. The funny thing is that, in contrast to student debt, legal, medical, and credit card loan debts are discharged in bankruptcy.

Benefits of Student Debts

You Really Need Them

The major reason why students take loans is that they need them. As simple as that. Why should young people deprive themselves of the business career they deserve only because they don’t have any source of income to pay for higher education right now? This world needs bright and educated accountants, managers, economists, financial experts, and entrepreneurs. Flexible and smart student loans can help graduates realize their full potential and find their dream job. With that said, jobs are not guaranteed for all graduates, but the average pay is higher for employees who earned a degree in business – that means a better future is possible for those who take the bull by the horns.

Some Student Loans Have Repayment Benefits  

Federal loans have quite flexible repayment options in comparison with private loans.

1.    Usually, students don’t have to repay loans until graduation, and even then they have a six-month grace period before they start making payments.

2.    Federal loans have repayment options adjusting the sum graduates have to pay monthly based on their profits.

3.    Graduates can apply for a deferment or forbearance, which means you don’t have to repay debts for a certain amount of time if you are experiencing a financial hardship.

4.    Loans might be forgiven, depending on employment and the repayment plan you are on. Since business careers are available in pretty much every sector you can think of, many opportunities are open for you. For instance, if you are employed in public service, the remaining sum might be forgiven after you’ve made 120 on-time payments. And now just imagine your bank forgiving your mortgage only because you’ve worked for a nonprofit organization for ten years.

Loans Can Positively Influence Your Credit History

US law makes it complicated for underaged people to get a credit card. Thus, it’s difficult for a student to establish a credit history. At the same time, positive credit history is important for going through essential milestones in the future, namely apartment lease, car credit or mortgage.

It Prepares Graduates for a Well-Paid Job

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to find a well-paid job is to go into debt. Consistent with the Bureau of Labor, some parents can save enough for their child to attend only two years of college, but if a student wants to obtain a 4-year education, credit is important. Those two additional years of school make a difference after graduation since people with a higher education earn 40% more than job-seekers with a two-year college experience. Moreover, four-year graduates are more likely to be employed in the first place.


To sum up, some people get so excited about their future career that they pay no attention to the debt they go into. Others are too afraid of running into debt, even if it means not going to college at all. However, thoughtlessly saying “no” to credit is as wrong as thoughtlessly saying “yes” to it. Without considering the benefits and commitments associated with a student loan, you are simply shooting in the dark. Students are strongly encouraged to study a question from every side, look through the starting salaries in the chosen career field, and use a student loan calculator to get an idea of the financial commitment they are making. In this case, an insightful analysis is the key to success.


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