Pros and Cons to Understand before Going for an Impact Driver

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An Impact Driver is a convenient device in modern times that it is a must-have gadget for every enthusiastic person who is in love with fixing and setting up things. An impact driver is very much compact than a normal drill machine, and it is also effortless to carry. What more can we ask when this impact driver is also cordless and affordable as well.

Below are some Pros and Cons to be kept in mind before going to purchase an impact driver:

Pros and Cons to Understand before Going for an Impact Driver

Pros of an Impact Driver

•    When impact drivers are getting compared to other drivers, impact drivers are smaller and lighter; thereby they can fit into any confined spaces which the drill drivers are unable to reach.

•    The impact driver is powerful when compared with an average cordless screwdriver. Most of the impact drivers have a power of a whopping 150nm compared to 50nm in regular drivers. The impact drivers have a certain mechanism inside the tool which helps the driver to deliver powerful blows in a short time. Hence, we can say that the impact drivers can drive larger screws into tougher materials much faster.

•    The kickback is less in an impact driver compared to other drivers.  When a drill driver is used in tough materials to drill large holes or drive large screws, the motor encounters a resistance which makes it difficult for the chuck to get turned.

•    You will not experience any injuries if you are using an impact driver. But using a drill driver can cause certain injuries. It is so because you are working at high speed and it is common for a regular driver to experience kickbacks.

Cons of an Impact Driver

•    Impact drivers do not have a torque control whereas drill drivers have it. The torque control allows you to control how much torque get delivered at a time with the help of a numbered torque ring.

•    Using impact drivers for delicate applications with the help of smaller screws and softer materials makes the work surface get damaged, or sometimes the screw gets damaged. It is so because they are mighty.

•    A good need of screwdriver bits gets required as there is a high level of torque applied which the impact driver delivers. The regular screwdriver bits wear down or even breaks down quickly when used.

•    Impact bits are different to that of regular bits. They have a different design compared to a regular bit. These Impact bits can withstand very high levels of torque until they are required to get replaced. So, when you intend to purchase an impact driver, a set of impact bits also should get purchased.

•    The impact driver isn’t a cheap device when you intend to buy a driver in a compact design with all that extra torque and a good number of batteries. Buy an impact driver that comes with a good brand and the exact voltage of the existing cordless tool which you have already bought.

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