Pros of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

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The world of business is ever changing with new trends emerging on a daily basis. The way we relate to our environment and the people in it have been greatly modified. Businesses have to constantly adjust to this trend of change in order to generate valuable results for their products and services.

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One area where this change has been manifest is in the area of marketing. Previously known as the black hole of a business due to its uncertainty, the playing field have been leveled with the advent of digital marketing techniques that create valuable and verifiable marketing results.

According to the Pew Research Center, only 13% of the American population is not on the internet. Thus, your business cannot afford to stay hidden to the other 87% who comb the web on a daily basis searching for valuable products and services that make their lives better.

This post, therefore, explains the benefits of having a digital marketing in Boston over traditional marketing.

Cost and Level Playing Field

Whether your business runs out of a garage or a skyscraper in Silicon Valley, you can be sure to compete on equal terms with any other business. On the web space, there are no heavy weights as every company with a good digital marketing strategy can compete with other companies in the same industry with larger market value, revenue, etc.

The major reason for this advantage is that of cost as money is usually not a hindrance when marketing on the internet. This is in contrast with traditional marketing techniques which include television adverts, infomercials, newspaper, billboards, etc. which are all known to involve a lot of capital investment from the company.

Measure Results With Ease

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional marketing strategies is the fact that success and failures are difficult to measure. Thus, a company could spend a fortune but not generate a commensurate result or lack the ability to know which strategy is generating the best result.
digital marketing in Boston
However, with digital marketing, you could easily measure in clear terms what you have achieved with each strategy. This would help you focus on what’s working and reduce effort on what’s not working. This is made possible because digital marketing techniques are usually associated with verifiable data like the number of hits on a web page, which can be measured with Google Analytics.

Faster Results in Shorter Time Frame

When you use infomercials or market through ad campaigns on television and radio, the response to your product or service might be very slow. This is because traditional marketing strategies take long to catch on as word spreads slowly.

Alternatively, digital marketing in Boston strategies is quick to generate viral results as a lot of people get to see the information at the same time. For instance, according to Business Zone, the average Facebook user has 190 people on their friends list with a 12% viewership on each liked post. Hence, anything shared on a page with thousands of followers generates great value in very little time.           

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