Protect and Lock your Google Chrome Browser with Built-in Password

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Sometimes its good idea to lock you chrome browser when you are sharing your system with other. Just you can do it with built-in password method.

·         Open Chrome browser, type “chrome://flags”

·         Click ‘ctrl+f’ key and paste “New profile management system” and tap to enter

·         Tap to drop down and choose Enabled

·         Now tap to “Relaunch Now”

·         Tap to Wrench icon afterwards tap to Settings

·         In Settings search “People” and tap to Add person.

·         Check the checkbox for “Control and view the websites this person visits” and tap to ‘Add’.

·         Tap to ‘Account Button’. Here a lock icons tap on it.

·         Here between the profiles, you will be required to enter password of your Google account.


If still you are in middle of any glitches then contact to Chrome Customer Service Number and find an immediate support with technical experts at Oneclickcustomerservice.

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