Readying for College? Pick these 4 Bags First

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It’s that time of the year when young minds head to college to grow into accomplished adults. College life is not only about academic and intellectual growth but also personality development. This is where we all discover our personalities and interest, where we engage in hobbies that are not meant to kill time but utilize it better and more creatively, where we undergo all-round development. 

That’s right, you are graduating from school to college, from uniform to casual wears, from training to mentoring — are you ready? As they say, your appearance is the mirror to your personality and bags of all things serve as a significant feature. This is because a bag serves an important role in our academic and professional life. It is as useful as it is dressy, which serves as a utility as well as an accessory. 

These are the four bags you should stuff your closet with, so that you never face even a single I-don’t-have-the-right-bag day:

1. Sling Bags 

So you are out of school and it is time to get more ornate in your approach. Sling bags is the mantra of the minimalist. A notepad, a pen and a few essentials and you are ready to breeze away. Casually hung on your shoulder, these are light-weight and classy. Heading to a brunch in between lectures? Your bag won’t let you down.

2. Messenger Bags

What sling bags are for girls, messenger bags are for the boys. They are more casual in their approach than their only-girls counterparts, and are loved by both the genders alike. They are spacious and easy to carry, and add a hip touch to a casual wear. 

3. Bagpacks

Backpack bags are a big college hit amongst students. Light-weight, convenient and spacious — it is a solution to all your how-to-carry problems. Borrow as many books as you want from the library, stuff in that drama dress for the rehearsals post-lecture or pack in lots of food for beach picnic after college, your backpack bags will fit all!

4. Duffel Bags

College is about adventures that extend the boundaries of the campus. Duffels bags are large cylindrical bags that make college trips and weekend getaways with friends an easy affair, by accommodating all your belongings safely. They are very convenient to carry too. 


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