Reasons to Use a CDN for WordPress

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The performance and optimization of your website are very important factors currently in the web, so you can complete for a good positioning in the search engines, and improve the experience of your users, visitors or customers. Therefore it is necessary to use a CDN in WordPress. We explain what a CDN is, what it is for, and why you should use one.

 CDN in WordPress

 Websites in general are a set of files and images that are stored on a server (on disk) somewhere in the world, and when a visitor enters your website, the server temporarily downloads that set of files and codes in the visitor machine.

Most servers download the files in their raw form, without much optimization work, to display the entire page in the browser.

Any file on your website, like the ones you have on your computer, have a weight (size), and the bigger the file’s weight, the longer it takes to download, and therefore to display the web page, adding to it Internet speed according to the user.

 The size of the files of a web page, and consequently the duration of the download of these, has a negative impact on your website both to the user experience, and the positioning in the search results. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use some optimization tools.

 What is a CDN?

 Among these tools we find what is commonly called CDN, which stands for Content Delivery Network, which would be in Spanish, content delivery network.

It is basically as the name says; it is a network of servers spread around the world, in several locations strategically distributed to have a kind of copies of the static files of your website. It uses technologies such as ligttpd.

On your website there are several CSS style files, JavaScript, images and structured HTML code that are static, that is, they change very little or nothing.

Each time a user or visitor enters your website, the server loads all the content of the index page, to serve it, even if you have not added any new content, which consumes resources from your server, and delays the appearance of the website in the user’s browser.

 Why should you use a CDN in WordPress?

 It is advisable to use best CDN providers for WordPress, for the considerable improvement and positive impact it leaves on several aspects of your website, in our WordPress case, to improve performance, and keep your WordPress in shape.

 Reduce Server Resource Consumption

 Most website owners generally use shared spaces on the hard drives of the hosting company’s server, and it is very likely that this is also the case.

What characterizes a shared hosting, are the limited resources it offers when you hire its service, from the bandwidth, through the use of the CPU, to the same disk space that your files would occupy.

In an environment where the technical resources are adjusted, it is necessary to use a CDN in WordPress, since it uses technologies to detect the static files in your website, and create a copy of them to store it temporarily, on the user’s side, that is, in the visitor’s own computer.

 In this way, the next time that visitor returns, the server does not need to load or request again the files present in the cache version, which allows the server to load the dynamic content only, and with the minimum resources.This reduces the consumption of your disk quota considerably.

Using a CDN in WordPress to serve static files is good, but it would be a good idea to install and activate a dedicated cache plugin on your website, to improve the performance of your website, and reduce HTTP requests to the server.

 Using a CDN in WordPress, reduces the consumption of server resources, resulting in a faster response from the server, and automatically load faster the web page requested by visitors.

Besides this, using a CDN in WordPress allows you to compact and combine CSS and JavaScript files, since they are types of files that, generally, considerably affect the loading of your website.

Statistics say that, fast and optimized websites, receive more visits, and know a reduction in bounce rate, and therefore a better user experience and higher satisfaction rate.

 Protect your Website against Malicious Bots

Using a CDN in WordPress not only improves the overall performance and speed of your website, it also adds some security features to create filters against some types of automated and malicious requests.

In the free Cloud flare plan for example, we found the possibility to activate advanced protection against DDoS attacks. In a Pro plan you can also activate a fire wall application, or Firewall, that creates a layer of protection against any attempt to access it.

Improve SEO and Visibility in Search Engines

Google and the other search engines prefer optimized, clean and fast websites, to position them at the top of the search results.

Therefore, using a CDN in WordPress allows you to index your website in Google, and improve the positioning in the results, which leads to get more valuable organic visits to your WordPress, and therefore more conversions.

There are other purely technical aspects that can benefit your website when using a CDN in WordPress, so, we recommend activating a CDN on your page if you are not already doing it, to take advantage of all the growth opportunities that it offers.

It is true that using a CDN in WordPress greatly improves the accessibility of your website, but this does not mean that there are no other ways to speed up and protect your website.


We invite you to see for example our guide on how to optimize the speed of your website, and the WordPress security guide as well, to cover more optimization and security aspects of your site.

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