Records of the Most Known Casinos

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The sphere of gambling develops at a tremendous rate. In addition to traditional gaming centers in Monaco, Las Vegas, Macao, new casinos open in Japan, Russia, Cyprus, and many other countries. Great achievements are observed in the development of online gambling, which by some indicators is already ahead of the traditional business. But among all this diversity, there are record-breakers. We will present them in this article.

Most Famous Casino in the World

To this category, we refer the casino Bellagio, which was officially opened in 1998. It is not the biggest in Las Vegas. However, it became famous far beyond the city due to the fact that many famous films were shot here. In particular, the first and third parts of “Ocean’s 11”, “Rush Hour 2” with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, the comedy “Once in Vegas”, “The Bachelor Party in Vegas”, the drama about blackjack “Twenty-one”, “Lucky”, and other films were shot here.


The casino offers a huge number of machines – about 2400. There are well-known gambling entertainments like roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, hold’em, etc. There are special rooms where clients can play against each other. Tournaments, world championships in gambling, and boxing fights are held here regularly. The hotel has 3950 rooms.

The main attraction of the most famous casino in Las Vegas is its charming fountains, where all kinds of shows are arranged constantly. You can enjoy this event, which repeats every 30 minutes, for free. For the guests of the casino, there are restaurants, cafes, bars, and a special zone for bets on sports competitions.

Biggest Casino in the World

Until 2007, one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas was MGM Grand. With 7 thousand rooms for guests, it was also the largest in the world. But its record was beaten by the Venetian Macao casino. It occupies half of the 39-story building, which occupies the 7th place among the largest buildings in the world. The height of the complex is 225 meters. The hotel fund includes 3 thousand rooms. The cost of construction was 2.4 billion dollars.


The design of the famous casino Venetian Macao uses Venetian themes. The interior displays the scenery and monuments of the Italian Venice. Inside the complex, there are channels through which the gondoliers take guests on gondolas. The casino complex is the venue for beauty contests, social events, basketball sports matches, and boxing fights. The owner of the establishment, the company Las Vegas Sands, has a similar casino in Las Vegas but smaller.

For the customers of the Venetian Casino in Macao, there are 4,000 slots and 85 tables for card and table games. There are over 30 restaurants, discos, and bars. You can go inside the complex absolutely free and stay there for an unlimited time. So if you ever go to Macao, be sure to visit one of the world’s most famous casinos.

Biggest Casino in Europe

In 2006, the Chinese billionaire Stanley Ho, who made his fortune in gambling, opened his second casino, Lisboa, in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Although it is smaller than its counterpart in Macao, in Europe it became the largest and most famous casino. It is located in the Lisbon park Parque de Nacoes.


The gaming establishment is built in a minimalist style, which reflects the character of the Portuguese. The institution offers about a thousand slot machines as well as more than 20 tables for card games and roulette. Poker is especially in demand in Lisboa casino.

The hotel of the casino has one thousand rooms. There are 3 restaurants with Asian and European cuisines, a network of bars, and a hall for show programs. Every week famous singers and comedians give concerts here. Daily attendance of the Lisboa casino reaches 10 thousand people.

Biggest Casino in Africa

In 2002, in the city of Klerksdorp in South Africa, which was previously inhabited by gold miners, a casino was opened, later renamed Rio Casino Resort. It was simultaneously the largest and most famous casino in Africa and the southern hemisphere. The place is decorated in the style of Brazilian Rio, so the carnival here never stops.

For the visitors of the casino, there are 300 slot machines and several dozen tables for poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette. Every weekend, there are poker tournaments with solid cash prizes. For customers wishing to play with big bets, a special VIP-hall, called Salon Prive, was created. There are halls for both non-smoking players and smokers. The hotel of the casino Metcourt has 70 rooms.

Rio Casino Resort is not only a gaming institution. It is also a center for family leisure. While adults spend time gambling, children can play in special game zones or participate in entertainment programs. There is a chic pool, 3 restaurants, a paintball field, a golf course, and a bar. For tourists, excursions to diggers where gold was mined in the past are organized.

The complex Rio Casino Resort has become the center of the tourist business where thousands of tourists come every day, both from South Africa and other countries. If you are lucky enough to visit this country, be sure to visit the most famous casino in Africa. But if you prefer gambling without leaving your house, then every working day and every weekend play with

Casino State

Perhaps you’ve guessed that it is about Monaco. This small principality in the southeast of France is the European Las Vegas. In the XIX century, the monarch family of this principality entered the arena of gambling. Now the business of gambling is the main income of Monaco. Local institutions are the most famous casinos in the world and the oldest in Europe. Every year, thousands of players and tourists come here to try their luck or just see how luxurious gaming clubs look.

There are 4 gaming venues on the territory of Monte Carlo. They have the following names: Grand Casino de Monte Carlo (most famous among visitors), Casino Cafe de Paris, Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino, and Casino Sun. All of them are in the ownership of the royal family.

In these casinos, there are a lot of slot machines, card games, craps, roulette, etc. European roulette is among the favourites here. In the morning, tourists can go on a tour for a few euros. After lunch, with the same ticket, you can get inside an institution for a game. A jacket and a tie are obligatory elements for entering the casino. Otherwise, the casino will not let you in. For clients with VIP status, separate rooms are provided and rooms at the hotel are provided free of charge.


So, have you already decided where to play next? Or maybe it is better to gamble online in the comfort or your home?

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