Redefine FOTA, Big Data offers more profits to Smart-Hardware Industry

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Adups Sun Weirong believed 2016 is a new beginning. The next strategic key word of Adups are Best, Repeat. That means Adups will concentrates on develop better FOTA technology, and at the same time repeat the technology experience of smart-phone in other intelligent-facilities, moreover, expend from home to abroad.

So far, Adups has more than 600 million users. It provides professional solutions for thousands of partners( including chip-makers, solution enterprises and hardware-makers), and attained approval from the whole field. Adups ensures the stabilization and upgrade of the product, optimizing the system by repairing breakdown and errors, giving users a better experience.

In security upgrade, it has to mention the special advantage of Adups FOTA technology. Adups FOTA uses fully homomorphic encryption, signature and verification and USBkey for protecting the information, so it can ensures the system cant be changed maliciously in each upgrade process. The effective (???????)differential subcontract compression algorithm compresses the upgrade-package less 30? and that save flux and time. This is an obvious advantage for upgrading the smart-facility. Whats more, Adups supports break-point resume, power-off protection and smart-restoration.

In addition, Adups FOTA technology shows superiority in offering value-added service for cooperators by using bid data. By analyzing 600 million users data, Adups makes the clients know more about their consumers. It is helpful of adjusting timely, optimizing products, besides, the users portrait form big data can realize exactly carry advertisements.

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