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If you are spending a lot of time in sunlight or utilization the products of shaving or waxing or if your skin is getting older then there is a chance you have got dark spots on different parts of the skin and your skin looks unhealthy. Read More

Many people who have to suffer from deadly disease such as diabetes, malignancies or suffer from hormonal medicines have dull spots on their skins.

There are plenty of time excellent medicine available that will help and resolve the skin problem but they are not recommended as they are expensive and have side effects but you can make your own cure towards the problem – let’s have look the remedy that is viable clean your skin.

Preparation of remedy No.1:

·         You should require three simple ingredients for the preparation of custom cure i.e. 1 tablespoon of olive oil, salt, and baking soda.

·         You should require mixing these three components in the bowl and mixing until they become the smooth cream that remains able to apply on the skin.

·         You need to apply the mixture on the dark patches and leave it for twenty minutes and remove with plenty of cold water and you will view the perfect glowing skin.

Preparation of Remedy No.2:

·         You should also use the technique of removing dark spots with the help of clay, milk, and lemon – the idea is quite simple and similar to the above-mentioned remedy.

·         You should need to put these elements in the bowl and mix them until they become able for the cream and apply the mixture on affected area and leave this mixture for 15 minutes on the skin.


·         You will definitely find the skin that you required after applying the mixture and rinse the cold water to remove the mixture from a body. See More

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