Rent a Cube Van Before You Buy One

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Before you go out and buy a cube van, one of the best ways to know you are getting what you pay for is by renting one. There are many different Toronto cube van rental companies to choose from, such as Wheels 4 Rent. When you rent the van, you can test it out to see exactly what you are getting in your next Passenger Van Rental Toronto.

Work Cube Van

If you have a business that would make great use out of a cube van, renting a cube van is a perfect way to see how it is going to work for you. There are many different uses you are going to get out of your cube van. Once you rent the van, you need to think outside the box to see how it is going to work for your business. You can use the van for a delivery business, as a contractor, as a caterer and more.

Instead of carrying people, cube vans carry goods and products. You will get the best use out of a cube van when you have smaller loads, if the deliveries are time-sensitive and the deliveries are close to your business. You are going to be able to find cube vans at truck rental companies like U-Haul, Ryder or Enterprise but you may be surprised how much of a savings you are going to get by going with more smaller and independent car and truck rental companies.

Renting Cube Vans on a Short-Term Basis

When you rent cube vans, you can set up the shipping contract in advance and go and rent the cube van on the day of the scheduled pickup and delivery, and transport the products from one location to another. There are many car and truck rental companies that will also set up extended rentals for your cube van for weeks and/or months at one time. One good way to get started with using cube vans to make money is by helping people move across town or even across the country. There are also many companies out there that are looking for people to deliver their products for them, especially if they need to deliver things in their local area on a day to day basis.

A CDL License is Not Required to a Drive Cube Van

A CDL license is not required in order to drive a cube van. Cube vans are the same as cargo vans but they just have a box on the cutaway chassis. They cube vans are all under the 10,000 GVW and therefore do not require you to have a CDL license in order to drive them. As long as you have a standard operator’s license, you are good to drive cube vans.


A great way to see if a cube van is going to work for you personally or for your business is to rent one. There are many different Toronto cube van rental companies that have these vans. Rent a cube van or Car Rentals Toronto and you will be surprised how much use you are going to get out of them.

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