Resume & CV Writing Service – The Significance

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In the growing competition, how do you ensure that your profile stands out? When a recruiter of your choice receives multiple applications for a specific requirement, how does his/ her team decide on the most appropriate candidate? It would have been great if you could know this or at least the criteria for shortlisting candidates used by the recruiter/s. This could help you customize your CV to appeal to the recruiter.

A resume and/ or a CV serves as your introduction when you do not have the opportunity to speak about yourself. This warrants that the resume or CV is written in a manner that suits the recruiter’s requirement. It is also evident that every requirement is unique. A standard document does not serve the purpose everywhere. Customizing your summary, skills, experience, and expertise is required for every opportunity you apply for. This is where CV Writers come into play – hiring one can help you customize your CV for specific requirements.

CV Writing Services Dubai

Most of us do not realize but a resume is different from a CV. While a resume is a summary of your skills and experience, a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a detailed account of your educational background, experience, accomplishments, and any other important details. A resume should generally be not more than a page-long. However, a CV can be more than two to about 5-pages long.

Hiring a resume writing service ensures that your expertise (as shown in your resume) is adapted to the requirement you want to apply for, and the recruiter shortlists the application. Generally, organizations use ‘resume’ to scan through the huge number of applications received and shortlist appropriate candidates for the next stage. The next stage might involve submitting a CV, which is a more detailed document, before being invited for a written test or a personal interview.

CV Writing Services UAE is your strategy to stand out in this ever-growing job-market. Recruiters from this side of the globe receive numerous applications daily. The high quality of life besides higher pay-scales attract job-seekers to this market. But owing to fierce competition, some genuinely suitable candidates fall out due to the lack of that knack in their resume and CV. 


One needs to realize the fact that resume and CV documents answer the question of ‘Why you are a suitable candidate for this position?’. These pieces of documents must be prepared to answer this question in your absence. The key points that should be reflected in the CV include:

• Summary of expertise as relates to the requirement

• Experience details in a chronological manner highlighting the contribution related to the requirement

• Education and any related projects/ assignments

• Accomplishments/ achievements that helped the employer/ client

• Skills and specific software knowledge and how this could help the prospective employer

Most CV and resume writing agencies have experts for several industries that help you develop appropriate documents for your industry highlighting the keywords and the current market trends. Please feel free to share your experience with such writing services! 

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