Rianna Gabriel

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Designer Rianna Gabriel 

The founder of the brand Laxcheri “Rianna Gabriel “! She was born in 1991 on August 15 in the city of Abu Dhabi. In 11 years she moved to Russia. She studied and grew up in Russia. At 22, Rianna opened her first studio in St. Petersburg. A year after the opening of the studio, she made the first show with a capsule in St. Petersburg at the Four Seasons hotel. Her clients were well-known and wealthy women, wives of politicians. In 2017, the brand “Rianna Gabriel ” began to produce jewelry. At 25, Rianna Gabriel returned to the UAE to the city of Dubai. Born in eastern luxury, she knew from childhood what a beautiful life is! And coming up with every outfit, modeled and made it not only luxurious, elegant, but also comfortable. Since she always adhered to the fact that a woman in the brand “Rianna Gabriel” should feel the most elegant and desirable, now the laboratory – studio “Rianna Gabriel” is located in the center of Milan on Corso Como

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