ROMER Portable Arms Open Engineers To Innovative Design

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Engineers working in industries such as aerospace and automotive industries are always looking at the details; the smallest design changes can have big impacts on the performance of the final product, so they are constantly tinkering. Without the proper tools, experimentation can be a time-consuming process, as each change has to be analyzed and simulated, all in an effort to find small but crucial gains. That time can be a disincentive for engineers who could improve performance if they had the time to make adjustments, but can’t afford to delay production any further.

For example, take the Hendrick Motorsports team recently featured in Quality Digest, a successful NASCAR team that is always experimenting to stay faster than the competition on race day. The feature outlined how the team invested in its metrology process to speed up their design and test times by adopting the use of ROMER portable arms in components inspection, chassis construction, and body placement. Using ROMER portable arms, the team no longer has to refixture the car after every time they remove it for measuring, a time-consuming task they longer have to deal with. A new controller used in conjunction with the portable arm also allows the team to use PC-DMIS Portable to quickly and reliably collect consistent data.

While most shops aren’t concerned with building NASCAR-ready automobiles, ROMER arms can still save you a lot of time and help improve the quality of the components your shop ships out. They are portable, shop floor-ready coordinate measuring machines, which means that you no longer have to spend time and effort moving oversized components (like a chassis) to a temperature-controlled lab to inspect it. ROMER arms, available from metrology dealers like Canadian Measurement Metrology Inc. (CMM), also have large measuring spans, infinite rotation, and can be combined with laser scanners for faster measuring capability.

As portable coordinate measuring machines, ROMER arms offer additional benefits as on-site measuring tools that work quickly, without delaying the production line. Because they can be easily transported in a car, they’re also the instrument of choice for metrology shops like CMM that take on-site contracts to measure their client’s components in their own shop. They are also easy to operate, as they do all of the mathematics for the operator, broadening the pool of potential employees you can train to use them.

Whenever you invest in new metrology equipment, it’s equally important to make sure that you have the staff who can use them. One of the advantages of working with an independent metrology dealer is that they can also be your one-stop supplier for all your metrology-related needs, including software (especially non-OEM software like PC-DMIS), service and problem solving, and training. Learn how your metrology can help you train staff to operate coordinate measuring machines like ROMER arms at Investing in metrology equipment can help all shops speed up their inspection process, help engineers design with innovation in mind, and reduce bottlenecks or loading and unloading time. The hardware can also last a very long time, while software upgrades alone can keep the equipment up-to-date, making it a long-lasting investment. Just talk to a reputable metrology dealer.

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