Rules in Using Asian Movies to Learn Japanese

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Learning a new language may be a challenging task. Most Asian languages may seem difficult for understanding. However, every language is worth learning and Japanese is not an exception. It can be easy to learn if having a right strategy. According to the numerous researchers, movies can be very helpful in learning a new language. The best recent Japanese movies can be watched online.


This informative post is good news to all those who want to learn Japanese to expand their exposure as we will be proving complete guidelines in using Asian movies to learn Japanese.

1. More than one Japanese movie a week.

The more you watch the movies in a week, the more you will be able to learn Japanese. It is suggested to watch more than one movie a week to expand the vocabulary. Repetitive words in the movies will help in reinforcing the vocabulary hence developing it effectively. The same movie can also be watched again for those who wants to learn Japanese in the short period. Try to learn the vocabulary from the movie, write it down and reinforce it by watching that movie twice or even more. Similarly, try to switch from subtitles to without subtitles later.


2. Writing down the vocabulary.

Writing down the vocabulary, you learn each time after watching a movie is surely an excellent idea. Revise the vocabulary you have learned from a movie and mimic it in its accent. It will surely help you in learning it better


3. Movies with vocabulary matching with the level learner’s language.


For learning Japanese, in a more efficient way, it is important for the student to select those genres of movies that have the simple language. It is evident that a theater, sci-fi, action, thrill, etc. may have the complexity of language and subject that may confuse a learner. A simple drama has a simple vocabulary, which a learner may be able to understand, comprehend, and learn more easily. Preference must be given to such simple genres and to a selection of those movies that match learner’s vocabulary level. 

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