Safari Lovers: Recommendations for Spotting Wildlife around Bangalore

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Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is the capital city of Karnataka. Bangalore is what can define as a perfect blend of the huge buildings and beautiful scenery. Bangalore has the capability of keeping one entertained and amused.

To start off, Bangalore immediately steals one heart with the pleasant weather that remains quite the same around the year.  With many names like Garden City, Silicon Valley, Pensioner’s Paradise to its credit, Bangalore is a perfect combination of the past, present, and the future. The city that we know today is filled with multinationals that are trying to reach the sky with their organization buildings, young and diverse crowd, and streets filled with beautiful gardens with a calm breeze.

One can enjoy the heritages that are present inside the city as well which are still intact despite the city being heavily industrialized today. Along with the heritage, one can enjoy the other modern parts of the city which also includes its amazing nightlife. It is a city that has a lot to offer to one and all visiting the place.

Bangalore also serves as the base to many nearby holiday destinations, Bandipur being one of them. Bandipur is also known as, ‘Tiger Reserve in Nilgiri’. This was established as in 1974 as a Tiger reserve and is one of the very popular tourist sites in India. Known for its raw natural beauty, it has a beautiful range of wildlife.

This place is filled with a wide range of beautiful sandalwood and teak trees. Not just the majestic scenery, the place also houses the largest number of Tigers and was a chosen site for, ‘Project Tiger’. Situated in the Nilgiris, this was the first Biosphere Reserve in India and today is a home to not just the tigers but also several other animals. One also needs to visit Madumalai National Park and enjoy the site of the beautiful wildlife and also the evergreen tropical forests. Located at just 229.6 kms away from Bangalore, one can reach this place by simply hiring a Bangalore to Bandipur cabs

Another gem that has been hidden in the maps of South India that one needs to visit is Nagarhole. Located at around 230 kms away from Bengaluru, Nagarhole is a delight to nature lovers. It has a wide collection of flora and fauna present in its national park and is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries that are present in India. Along, with the wildlife one can enjoy bird watching in this place.

Not only wildlife, the place also had a lot of other places that one has to visit, Rameshwara Temple being one of them.

Nagarhole, in literal words, mean the Snake River and is well known for the wild untamed river that flows in the city. The city is also filled with beautiful waterfalls that can take your breath away, Iruppu Falls being the most famous one. One can reach this place by simply hiring Bangalore to Nagarhole taxi.

Another destination that is sure to woo one away is Sathyamangalam. Situated on the banks of Bhavani River, this city is situated between the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri mountains. With close proximity to Bangalore (259.4 kms), this is another natural delight for one and all visiting this place.

One of the important places in this city that one needs to visit is Bhavanisagar Dam. This is the second largest dam in Tamil Nadu and today feeds Lower Bhavani Project Canal. There are also several temples and reserve forests in the area that one needs to visit. One can reach this place by simply hiring a taxi from Bangalore to Sathyamangalam.

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