Safety Measures to be Taken during Diamond Drilling

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Diamond drilling is a compelling and effective method of drilling which can cut precisely through a solid material.  Therefore it should be essential to know and understand that the drilling method is carried out very carefully, following strict health and safety standards.

Below are some key preventive safety steps which should get carried out when you are working with diamond drills:

Safety Measures to be Taken during Diamond Drilling

Before You Operate a Diamond Drill

•    You need to check whether your drill is turned off and unplugged when you plan to operate your drill.

•    Make sure that you inspect the power cord to find if there is any damage. The damage should be in a sense that it should also include any worn or broken wire casing and also protruding wires. You also need to check whether your plug is undamaged as well.

•    You can have a look at the whole drilling equipment for the missing parts, break or wear.

•    You can check the vacuum seal to ensure if it is fully intact and also isn’t worn out. If it is worn out, should get it replaced before the drill gets used.

•    Make sure that the drill bits and any of your other attachments are getting designed for the drilling equipment you possess. Also, you can ensure if you have the right sized drill bits for the project so that you can be sure of the best and the most accurate finish. It gets suggested to get help from experts from the drilling companies such as Big Cut Sawing & Drilling to confirm you carry out the process rightly.

•    You can check on your blades to check whether they aren’t blunt. If the cutting blades are not that sharp, then it can produce poor quality work, slippage and also may lead to dangerous accidents.

•    Ensure that the drill body and the controls are clean enough. The presence of dirt, debris, and grease on the drill can reduce the ease of use which also may end up in contributing to accidents.

•    After such checks are getting done, if you find anything which is damaged, then you should rectify the issue before the drilling process getting started.
While Operating the Diamond Drill

•    Firstly you need to read the equipment’s manufacturer guidelines before use so that you are familiar with its features and operating methods.

•    Wear protective and tight clothing as loose clothing can get caught in the equipment which can lead to several accidents.

•    You should use hard-wearing gloves having a perfect grip.

•    Always better keep your hands away from the diamond drill bits as they are quite strong and sharp which can easily slide through your protective gloves and also may injure your fingers if necessary care isn’t getting taken.

•    Make your diamond drilling equipment stable by anchoring it properly before use.

•    When you are drilling through your floor or ceiling, you need to prepare the area and take safety precautions if in case the debris gets dislodged while drilling which could fall and cause injury or damage.

•    Make sure that your drill is kept well lubricated with water during the operation.  It helps to reduce the heat from drilling, reduce the wear to drill bits and also trap dust which gets expelled during the process.

•    Make sure the area where you are working is an appropriate area to stand firmly to achieve optimum control over the powerful equipment you are using.

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