Say Goodbye To The Boring Old Bachelorette Bash

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No reality television show, movie, or cautionary family tale is going to prepare someone for the stress they’ll experience trying to plan a wedding. It becomes a full-time job as the big day approaches; whether you’re the bride or the maid of honour, the only thing you want to do by the time the bachelorette party rolls around is to let loose and release that steam.

Bachelorettes tend to be quick and dirty affairs; there isn’t a whole lot of time to prepare but that doesn’t mean your lot has to end up sitting at a sad karaoke bar by midnight. Why not try an activity that will actively relieve some of the pressure? 

Many women are switching over to the sporty bachelorette; it gets their endorphins up, allows them to take a full body break from marriage mania, and helps them to feel more relaxed and centred for crunch time. Some popular options that have emerged in recent years include pole fitness parties, excursions to the rock-climbing gym, or outdoor ice skating in winter months. They’re great ideas – but what if you could get the same amount of activity in, along with the adrenaline that comes with throwing sharp objects? 

Everyone in the wedding party has at least one moment when they wouldn’t mind chucking something hard and fast. BATL, short for Backyard Axe Throwing League, has three gyms in Toronto where you and your party can do this safely — check out for a full list of all their locations and to learn more about the thrilling sport itself. Trained instructors will teach you proper posture, axe-throwing technique and follow through. You can even have a little fun with it by making the games competitive and offer kitschy — or even kinky — prizes to the winners!

What’s great about the Toronto locations is that you can bring your own food and drink (just keep in mind that glassware isn’t permitted on axe-throwing grounds so be sure to bring plastic containers for beverages, and keep them non-alcoholic). You can also arrange to have catering so long as the food doesn’t need to be cooked on site!

Voted by This Beautiful Day Blog as one of their top 10 bachelorette ideas, it really is rising in popularity. BATL can book up these parties as far as a couple of months in advance, so if axe-throwing is on your radar, better to reserve your space quickly. Who knows, if you enjoy yourselves – you might consider joining an axe-throwing league together. Those in the league compete 3 hours a week; it’s a chance to keep in touch with your community, take a weekly break from married life with your friends, and meet new people who also thrive on regular doses of healthy competition.

Consider a different kind of bachelorette party to get you through to the moment you and your party walk down the aisle. Who says throwing axes is a man’s sport exclusively? Who says you have to keep it calm, cool, and collected 100% of the time? Take a break, break a sweat, and break away from the boring bachelorette outing to do some battle, you’ll be relieved you did!

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