Schools in Dadri: A Journey from Optimism to Constructivism

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Indian education technique is considered as the greatest education methods in the world. This education board that sets up a basis for the whole education method in India is named Central Board of Secondary Education otherwise CBSE. Schools in Dadri associated to CBSE get an exceptional recognition as of other colleges and schools. CBSE is an economically independent body which does not get any grant-in-aid as of the Center otherwise the State governments. This meets its expenditures from the exam fees and charges taken for diverse courses and from the deal of its publications.

DSR Modern School was found by Mr. Daneshwar Singh Rana on the year of 1991 at Dadri. At present 1500 pupils are getting learning from Nursery to class 12th. Education pattern is based on the CBSC board. It is their mission to teach qualitative education and confirm overall growth of the pupils. To form the children into such civilian who have ability for positive reply to the persevering demands of altering society, however firmly upholding confidence in basic values as well as standards. To prepare the students with ability to rise in the life as well as to become sincere and sturdy pillars of the future India.

DSR Modern School provide:-

This CBSE School Dadri provides quality education over well qualified innovative and experienced teaching staff. Health a hygienic education atmosphere with the infirmary to look out of elementary health requirements of students. An eminent stage to transform your children into a great achiever the entire streams of learning. Creative in addition to innovative education strategies. Sufficient scope of removing humanistic, cultural also moral ethics in the citizen of upcoming.

Parents must access various aspects about the school earlier looking for admission such as the qualification of the teachers, staff, facilities as well as equipments, teaching procedure and scope for extra-curricular doings. The CBSE School Dadri is the entrenched schools in this region and even persons residing out of the region seek admission to the particular school. They are mesmerized by the warm environment and quality education.



This School building is attractively and aesthetically planned master piece of construction. The entire building is divided into diverse sections and blocks that are uniformly combined into the heart & soul of this school temple. The design of the school has been combined to provide a peaceful and congenial environment to the students on behalf of optimum educational output. The building of the school is earthquake resistant also has a very progressive firefighting system. Several CCTV cameras have been fixed at various spaces for effective surveillance plus monitoring. The purpose of the school teaching policy is to show up the talents of pupils and mold their abilities to perfection. The main wing of the school tracks “Learning with fun” an action based unique method of learning allowing the tiny tots to grow their creativity. This lays the firm establishment of innovative methodology, psychological and emotional adjustment. 

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