Sci-Fi Films: latest movies That Will Make Your Movie Experience Very Exciting

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Hollywood releases different movies with different genres every season, with each movie having unique concepts and fresh ideas while retaining the good old genres that every audience love to see in a movie.And if there is one genre that will never disappear in the cinemas, it’s the sci-fi genre. Sci-fi movies are considered as one of the crowd’s favorite no matter how many years pass by. The reason for this is that:

·         Sci-fi movies are enjoyed by all age groups

·         It’s great to watch among friends and family.

·         It gives an energetic and mysterious vibe to every audience

This year’s newly released sci-fi movies are definitely a must-see, especially with the much-awaited comeback of Keanu Reeves in the Sci-fi movies.



What Are The Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies For This Year?

Blade Runner 2049 – A sequel to the 1982 movie Blade Runner, this movie will be starred by none other than Ryan Gosling. A mere glimpse of his back in the movie poster wearing that good old rusty metal jacket is enough to make the audience gasp for excitement. If you love futuristic space adventures, this movie is totally worth the watch.

Infinity Chamber -Directed by Travis Milloy, Infinity Chamber is a sci-fi movie set in a dystopian world, a world that is also commonly seen in many Hollywood sci-fi movies. The story started when the protagonist Frank Lerner was shot in the head by an unknown government hit-man and wakes up in highly secured and fully automated government prison. The protagonist is seen to only interact with an AI named “Howard”, a black globe hanging in his prison cell’s ceiling while convincing it that they got the wrong guy. You can watch all interesting Sci-Fi movies online on 123movies.


Among all the latest movies that are released this year, this movie has thesimplest set, only having two locations: the prison cell and the café which is seen in Frank’s memories.But having a limited set location doesn’t stop it from being a good movie. Each dialogue are well constructed and leaves the audience think about what is going to happen especially with all those mysteries surrounding the protagonist. Definitely a must-see for anyone who likes sci-fi and mystery genres.

Replicas -Starred by one of Hollywood’s notable actor, Keanu Reeves, he returned as a protagonist in another sci-fi movie entitled “Replicas”. It tackles about one of the major themes concerning sci-fi movies – cloning. Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Replicas is a sci-fi movie wherein the story is centered onthe protagonist named William Foster, a scientist who lost his family in a car accident and decided to bring them back to life with the use of cutting-edge cloning technology. The film received a highly positive remark among the people who saw the premiere.

Transformers: The Last Knight – if it’s about sci-fi movies, it’s impossible to not talk about Michael Bay’s top-grossing film – Transformers. Set after the events of the fourth installment, Optimus Prime is back along with Bumblebee which makes every Transformers fans excited for this franchise.

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