Scythe Ninja Mini CPU Cooler and Kama Wing Memory Heatsink Reviews

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Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25, Look  amp; Feel: 23/25,

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Total: 90/100


The Scythe Mini Ninja is the perfect CPU cooler for a Home Theatre PC or a good all around cooler. The smaller size but powerful silent performance potential of the Scythe Ninja Mini makes a great silent CPU cooler for those lower rated CPU’s. I currently have a gaming and home system that has an AMD Athlon X2 64 5200+ and installed the Ninja Mini without the fan and it gets very good cooling results.


The Scythe Ninja Mini is a great six heat pipe cooler that works equally well without the fan but does include one for those higher CPU systems. The heat sink assembly has a nice copper base with an overall dimension of 110 mm x 110mm x 115mm for the entire heat sink assembly. You can add the 80mm fan that is included to any of the four sides of the heat sink for additional cooling.


The heat sink is the perfect design for a lower profile heat sink assembly that many home media center PC cases require. You can add a 80 or 92MM fan to any side for the additional cooling requirements if you’re going to be using the Ninja Mini in a larger case. I installed the Ninja Mini on my small form factor motherboard running with an AMD Athlon 5200+ CPU and saw a very good six to ten degree cooling difference over the stock AMD cooler heat sink assembly. Without adding any fan to the heat sink assembly the Ninja Mini performs very well as the case I installed the system into is the Antec Nine Hundred with plenty of cooling to begin with, an extra fan would be gilding the lily on this case.


The Ninja Mini comes with the heat sink assembly, the additional 80MM low noise fan, two sets of brackets for both the 80MM and 92MM fan attachment and several mount assemblies for the various motherboards you can mount the CPU cooler on. The Ninja Mini can be used on an AMD AM2, AMD 940,939 and 754 sockets as well as the Intel 478, and LGA 775 sockets. There is also a nice amount of thermal paste included along with the instruction manual.


Installing the Ninja Mini in my system was easy and no adjustments were required of the stock AMD AM2 clip, but you can adjust the clip for a tighter or looser fit accordingly. The other clips for the sockets attach very easily by screwing them to the base just like the AMD AM2 clip.


Installing the whole thing took a few minutes and was very easy, I only had a tight squeeze on the memory side of the CPU area as I had also installed some memory coolers, also from Scythe that hang over the memory sticks a bit. There was plenty of room, it was just a little close but not too close as the cooler did go on nicely.


The cooler functions just fine without any fan directly on the heat sink but does offer an addition one or two degrees of cooling in my system when installed on the top side of the heat sink assembly. I cannot install the fan on the one side due to the heat sinks on the memory sticks and want to keep the airflow in the same direction as the massive fans inside the Antec case are blowing. I don’t think there would be any problem with this heat sink in any case as it does provide very good cooling due to the large area of heat dissipation with the large amount o fins and heat pipes evenly spaced.


I really enjoyed installing the Ninja Mini and it works very well on the system I installed it which does not require a maximum effort so the use of an additional fan is not needed. The Ninja Mini is the perfect height for many Home Theatre PCs as well and would work very well in a silent PC.


I am also reviewing the Kama Wing Memory Stick coolers from Scythe with this PC CPU Cooler. The Kama Wing Memory Heatsinks are an easy to install addition to your PC cooling and adds system performance by keeping your memory sticks cooler. The Kama Wings come in silver and black aluminum and copper for your personal preference in color and material. Here is an article that I would suggest everyone to read that talks about best cpu coolers


The Kama Wings are angled to minimize the interference of other components just like the CPU heat sink and to maximize cooling for your memory sticks. They attach to either single sided or double sided memory and come with two thick and four thin thermal sheets for attachment as well as clips for holding both heat sinks to the memory stick.


Attaching the heat sinks to a memory stick is as simple as sticking the thermal sheets to the heat sinks according to the directions for single sided or double sided memory. Then you place both heat sinks on the memory stick and clamp them together on the memory using the clips. Centering the memory in the heat sink is easy as the heat sinks give plenty of room on each side and yet cover all the memory chips on the two memory sticks I installed mine on.


Other than using a separate heat measuring device and heat sensors there is no easy way to test the performance of the Kama Wing heatsinks but they do add cooling to your system by radiating heat away from the memory modules and placing some of that heat toward the air flow. This will add to your systems performance especially if you overclock the memory of your system.


Overall installing the Kama Wing Memory Heatsinks was very easy and only took a few minutes. I enjoy the fact that my memory now has heat sinks in all my systems and can offer the added benefit of extra cooling for the performance and system protection.


I highly recommend both the Kama Wing Memory Heatsinks and the Ninja Mini CPU cooler for the best in system cooling for your performance computer or home theatre PC. 


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