Secrets to Making your Home More Luxurious

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Who wouldn’t want to spend their hard-earned dollars for a week-long holiday in a luxurious hotel? Everyone enjoys being pampered among the Egyptian cotton sheets and lush carpets leading into a spa bathroom equipped with a glass shower stand with supple massaging jets that make all your senses run wild. And then there is a fresh hand-milled lavender soap every morning. Why wouldn’t you make an effort to enjoy even a small piece of such a luxury every day? Even with a modest budget, you will be able to recreate a version of a lavish lifestyle at home. Here are some ideas.


It starts with bedroom

If you try to remember all the hotels you have visited, the bedding always matched the pillows and curtains. Reinvent your bed by adding a supportive mattress and a layer of plump soft pillows. Egyptian cotton should have the highest thread count. If you are choosing a new bed, look for one with a plush headboard that you can lay your head against. Even if the guests rarely see it, your bedroom needs a touch of luxury you deserve when you wake up in the morning.


Gorgeous spa bathroom

Built adjacent to the bedroom, it should extend the serene and posh décor as you advance through your day. Opt for a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with generous jets and a strong shower head or a Jacuzzi tub accompanied with a double set of stone sinks. These lavish fixtures should reflect in large mirrors sided by wall sconces. If heated towel racks and marble flooring are out of your price range, scented candles and an ample offering of bath products should complete the feel.  


Fabulous lobby

The entryway filled with exotic house plants, shiny mirrors, dimmed lighting and tasteful artwork would hint the splendour of the remainder of the house. Start with a small entryway table that will act as a centrepiece, which will visitors notice as soon as they walk inside. Whether the table top is marble or shiny wood, add a pretty lamp, a bowl with items from nature, like seashells or pinecones, or a fresh flower arrangement. Hang a statement mirror or a piece of art above the table and if possible, a plush chair for guests who prefer waiting in the lobby.   


Marvellous kitchen

Nothing can upgrade a boring kitchen like a splendid exotic countertop. Semi-precious stones like agate and gold marble are expensive, but their solid surface imitations are not. Custom cabinets allow you to create a personal arrangement that will make your food preparation process easier for you. To save money, you can use exotic materials like blackened stainless steel or fumed oak only on accent places. Appliances in a luxurious kitchen are like jewellery – you need only a few quality pieces like those provided by Miele USA and your entire kitchen will stand out.


Lavish lighting

Have you noticed how luxurious places are never dark or dreary? They are bristling with chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces and mood lights in every corner. Replace the outdated overhead lights with modern artistic fixtures that go well with your décor. Dimmer switches are the key to ambience lighting. If you still have some decoration money left, hire an electrician to fix wall sconces above your artwork to complete the 5-star hotel look.  


Balanced space

No matter how big or small, luxurious homes always have amazing space organization. The tables, shelves and bookcases look as if a designer has outfitted them with a perfect choice of collectibles and titles. And that is usually true. If you can’t afford a designer, you can definitely borrow some of their ideas. Life & style magazines and websites are full of wonderful ideas for decorating shelves in a way that every piece has its purpose. In a well-organized room, shelves are used to display items, side tables to hold pretty vases and lamps, and chairs are grouped to create a conversation circle.

If you want to replace the collected-over-time look of your home with a design inspired by a Sheraton hotel, remember that a luxurious home is all about layers. Books and lamps decorate the side tables, a rug covers the hardwood floor and plush pillows cover the bed. Having exquisite and unique pieces is as important as fitting them together in an elegant, uncluttered fashion.


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