Singapore’s 2 Popular Hipster Estates

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Park-Place-ResidenceIn Singapore real-estate, Hipster is often used to describe the generation that prefer independent living in gentrified neighborhoods. Originated in 40’s in the US, the concept soon spread to other countries including Singapore. Here in this blog, we’ll explore two estates where you can find Hipster culture and enjoy independent living.

Park Place Residences

None of the estates fits into the description of Hipster like Park Place Residences condo in Singapore. Located on 60 Anson Road in 14 district, the development consists of 429 residential units of various room sizes. The development has been in news for all good reasons as it is unique in design and also it offers the facilities that are hardly available in other developments. It is a mix property where you will find both residences and commercial complexes. In short, you can relocate your office to the Park Place and enjoy working close from your home. 

Each unit at the Park Place Residences condo in Singapore is individually decorated to give every home a different look and theme. Layout of homes is trendy and also there is ample room to further improve the visual look of the condos. Simply put, the owners can become creative with their interior decoration. And they won’t have to change the basic architectural design to change their interiors.

The commercial area the Park Place Residences Condo in Singapore is spread up to 40,000 square meters and it consists of a swanky shopping mall, mouthwatering restaurants and utility and necessary services including banks and medical centers. The mall will be so developed that families, friends and even guests can have a great time shopping around in the mall.

Grandeur Park Residences

Situated in D16 district on New Upper Changi Road, Grandeur Residences condo development offers 720 residential units divided into 15 storeys of 6 blocks. Also the development has 2 commercial shops and 1 children center. The neighborhood amenities include everything you need for rest and relaxation. You won’t have to go far in search for necessary services and utility services are available within the development.

Grandeur Residences condo development houses luxuries like pool and spa. There is plenty of outdoor space for enjoyment. For instance, there is a meditation deck that can also be used as family deck. Also there is bicycle space and a tennis court. Whatever outdoor activity you enjoy like games and fitness, you will find the activity in the development.

Grandeur Residences Condo development is certainly the best community development for families. If you are looking for a family home with child friendly facilities then look no further than the Grandeur Park Residences. It will fit into your description of Hipster and also the affordable price will help you buy a condo.

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