Six Queries to Ask a PAT Testing Company

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If you run a business or let house you will be necessary by UK law to have any portable electrical devices tested for well being and safety factors. All those Pc, laptops, phones, tills photocopier, printers and even kettles and toasters have to be tested to ensure that you are not placing your tenants or personnel at risk. Get a lot more information about north east pat testing

So you understand that your gear has to be PAT tested and also you will need to discover a company to carry out the function. Where do you start off? Nicely run a compact business enterprise and have encounter of dealing with many PAT testing businesses down the years. I’ve listed six question that I believe it is best to ask any company that you simply ask to quote for the perform. Any superior PAT testing company are going to be able to provide you with the answers to these queries.

Is the Company Accredited?

You’ll want to ask any potential PAT testing company if they have professional accreditation. Despite the fact that there’s no PAT testing official body you will discover a variety of professional associations that all organizations need to belong too. These consist of, National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), SAFEcontractor along with the Electrical Security Council. When the company claims to be a member of these associations it really is usually worth checking that their membership is up to date.

Would be the engineers qualified?

PAT testing needs to be carried out by certified engineers. It truly is crucial which you check that any engineers that are sent to your premises have pasted the City & Guilds 2360 Part 1 & Part 2 and City & Guilds 2391, the recognized industry standards for Fixed Installation Testing. Any company that is employing unqualified engineers could be compromising the safety of you and your staff.

Do they do a full PAT test or are they just sticking labels without properly testing?

You’ll need to ensure that the company is actually carrying out a full PAT tests on your equipment and not just sticking labels on gear without carrying out the tests.
The test should really involve several steps and anything less than five to ten minutes per piece of equipment is also short. So you must have a rough idea of how long it should really take to carry out the tests and if a company quotes you significantly less time then this then the alarm bells should really get started ringing. The company need to also be capable of give you with a database of all the test results in both a paper format and an electronic one. If they are unable to provide this for you then you must question if they are actually carrying out the tests.

Do they use the latest gear and is it calibrated?

PAT testing gear is generally being improved and you need to ask the company how old their equipment is. The gear should also be calibrated to make sure that it is actually giving the correct readings. All calibrated gear must have a certificate to prove when it was last tested for and also when it really is due to be retested.

Are they insured?

You should verify that the company has public liability insurance. The the function they carry out on your equipment is vital and is also legally binding. If there is an issue caused by gear they have tested and passed then the legal blame and any expense would be the responsibility of the PAT testing company. If they do not have insurance then you have no redress and may not be capable of recover any costs that have been incurred as a result of the fault.

Are there any hidden charges?

It really is constantly worth checking and then double checking what is included in the price of the quote. Does it involve the cost of the labels, database burnt to CD and a print out of the test results?
Could be the work charged per piece of equipment, per hour or for the whole premises in one go?
Will there be any charges for the changing of fuses in plugs? Make sure than you get a fully costed quote in writing before you engage in a project.

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