Skin Types and How to Care for Them

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It could be just another day in your lifestyle, but for the London Dermatology Centre a good day is determined by an awesome skin. However, we don’t have the same types of skins. The truth is our skins differ and could require completely different skin regimens to properly take care of.

As it turns out there are four types of skins. Namely dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and sensitive skins. Sometimes sensitive skins could also double up as hypersensitive. Let’s take a look at every skin type that we have and how you can take proper care of it.

Skin Types and How to Care for Them 01



Dry Skin

People with dry skins are much prone to flaking, irritation, faster aging among other things. Because of this they should often practice rough care. This will include using natural oils only or dermatologist recommended skin care products including moisturizers and wrinkle reducers.

Using them twice a day and allowing your skin to also absorb all the essential nourishing and moisturizing ingredients is always very important. Additionally you should clean skin and especially your face with mild cleansing milks, sparkling water, and humidifier to counter any dry air. It is important to counter dry air as it is known to dry the skin at low temperatures too.

Oily Skin

With oily skins you will require a slightly different approach from how you take care of a dry skin. What this means is that down here, you won’t nourish your skin any more but rather focus on removing excess oils, hydrating it, preventing acne attacks, and cleansing enlarged pores.

Washing your face twice a day would therefore be of much help. Using mild soaps to prevent oil glands from getting stimulated and producing more sebum would also be ideal. Additionally, you could use non-greasy dermatologist recommended moisturizers – these should be alcohol free. And when masking, make sure that you have ideal hydrating ingredients. But take a low sugar/ low carbohydrate diet if your skin is prone to acne.

Sensitive Skin

Talking of sensitive skin London Dermatology Centre categorizes it as the most delicate skin type. This skin type is often prone to irritants and allergens. It is quite prone to eczema and acne among other things. Because of this you should be really careful on how you handle this skin.

According to London Dermatology Centre, the best way to take care of a sensitive skin is using dietary or nutritional remedies. For sensitive skins a diet with good levels of fatty acids, organic proteins, and dry fruits are the best. However, if you are a vegetarian you can always supplement your skin care regimen with products recommended by professional dermatologist and skin doctors.

Normal Skin

A normal skin is arguably the best skin type. In fact it is the least problematic type of skin. Even so it still requires proper skin care regimen. Simple as it may seem you should nourish, clean, and moisturize your skin.


When dealing with a skin care regimen, it is important to make sure that you know the type of skin that you are dealing with. Finding a professional dermatologist to do the right tests will be very important.


Make sure that you have the best dermatologist by looking at their certifications, awards, professional training backgrounds, and above all their experience levels too. This is often very important.

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