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When it comes to decorating a house, everyone knows how difficult it is to obtain the desired look. House decorating is something that not every person can do, considering all the rules you need to respect and all the small details that you need to take into account when you do it. This article is a short guide on house redecoration, with an emphasis on the most paramount details that you need to take care of, so you can say you completed your work.

Interior design is not an easy job, it is a fascinating field. Sometimes it is not easy to please a sophisticated customer, although the work done tremendously and follows all the criteria for a proper accomplishment. The interior decoration field is well developed in Italy, France or England, where design is more like a tradition. It has often been considered that in the latest few years people were much more interested in the way in which their home looked like. Now the danger is that many of those who put an accent on decorations are building houses without a certain style. The space they want is immense, and in such cases details become small, insignificant. Yet, their role is amazingly important in completing the decoration of a room.

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Starting from the criterion that a house must have privacy, the designer, in the moment he receives an order to decorate a house, talks to the owners to find out what their taste is. He finds out which room is the most important for the clients and everything else that can be defined in a personal manner. A designer has to understand the clients first in psychological terms. He needs to find out what preferences they have and what colours they like. However, people must not forget that the most important thing for a home is to be practical and stylish at the same time. Altogether, the design of a house is to be the most preferred one for the owner (classic or modern). Here comes the structure of the house, so if the modern style is the case, the owner must understand whether or not he or she can match the style with the house’s general line.

What to do:

·         If you have this one option, try to get rid of any furniture that is covering up way too much space. For instance, keeping a wardrobe in your bedroom will visibly reduce the space available in the room. Try incorporating the furniture into the walls for space economy and for a modern touch.

·         Get rid of old doors and windows. If you want to obtain a fresh ambiance in your house, you will need to totally ditch the antique doors and windows. Also, try to opt for custom blinds Toronto if you have the chance, because they change the aspect of your windows in an instant. Choose the right type of drapes and it will be a success.

·         Don’t buy large furniture either. You should opt for modern, small items of furniture that can be easily placed inside your rooms. No matter with how much space you work with, keeping it simple is definitely the key. Plus, you surely don’t want to cover an entire wall with just a wardrobe. Use the height of the walls rather than their length. For a living room, you should pre-order a custom-made library that also contains shelves and cabinets for storing your other items like electronics.

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·         Try to maintain the floor clear. Don’t use rugs because they tend to give the impression of compressed space. Choose lightly coloured flooring and furniture and don’t forget to invest into big mirrors. Yet, even though white is the colour that gives people the impression of spaciousness, try not to exaggerate. Use other colour palettes too but make sure you don’t combine them in an inappropriate manner. If you can’t deal with this task on your own, try contacting a specialist for consulting. 

What to avoid:

·         Choosing more than one single decoration style. One of the most common mistakes made when decorating a house is trying to merge together more than one single decorating style. If you don’t have any idea what you are doing it can end up being a total mess, so it is recommended to avoid this kind of practice. No matter how much you like a furniture item from a certain type of decoration style, try keeping it simple and respecting the features of the one chosen in the first place.

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·         Using too many deco items. It is quite common to exaggerate with the decoration items. When you don’t know a lot about visually pleasing designs it is not a good idea to adventure into buying many deco items at once because you might end up overcrowding your rooms with different kind of objects that do not actually deserve a place there. Make an effort to gather inspiration from the Internet and picture the way you want your house to look like. Each room has certain requirements and it would be important to respect them by doing so.

·         Forgetting about green corners. Not including some flowers in a corner or two of your house is a big mistake. Firstly, if you are a lover of nature you will instantly feel like something is missing. Secondly, it is quite healthy to bring some plants inside. The final benefit is that they make up for good decoration items. Seeing a huge green plant in the corner of a room will have a bigger impact than you actually think.

Final thoughts


If you desire to obtain the design wanted, invest your time into choosing the right options for decorating your house. You don’t need to rush with making decisions and – most importantly – you need to add a little part of yourself in the making. Personalizing a house is what makes it a home for most people. Get fully involved into it and the result should be pleasing you completely. 

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