Software define car, FOTA assists smart networking-car to create different driving experience

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Intelligence and net-working is the future development direction. With the rapid development of smart-car, the value of car change greatly. The software system and better UE(user experience) get more and more attention. The car system is helping create different driving experience.

This new software mode mainly from FOTA upgrading. FOTA has been gradually acknowledged and became new tendency which influenced the decision of OEM and TSP. This is auto producers s innovation and tendency to promote the UE.

The Guangsheng general manager of business department Rui Yanan claimed that FOTA-upgrade  is the most important way to keep the software maintain latest edition in the whole system period. Using FOTA s upgrade function to keep the system update steadily, provide users new functions continually. At the same time, it also optimizes the human-machine interface to reach the most comfortable and user-friendly experience.

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