Solid matter longevity technology available

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Combination of higher atmospheric pressure and different breathing gases mixture enables at least 500 (five hundred) years life span extention for most average health, middle-age people on our planet plus healing of many health problems. Cost of comfortable small one family instalation is below $100k. Later maintenance costs are niegligible. I look for partners to be first mass providers of such installations and services to people of our planet, promoting it for space travells and populating outer space beyond Earth. Real, proven solid matter science. In few words it works thanks to genuinly increased all tissues oxygenation without any side effects, extraordinary increase of stem cells concantration in the blood, enabling very efficient inside cell repairs resulting in dramatic telomeres saving – multiple extention of life span. Few praviously known factors with riaght parameters amplifying mutually in synergy. Michal, central Poland,

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