Spare Yourself from a Burden: Hire an In-Home Care for Your Parents

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Taking care of your parents on a daily basis though hard to admit, but is a burden that you have to cope with. This is why it is advised to accept the fact that they need personal home care professional. However, it is still extremely important to get a really professional senior care expert in Montreal, Canada to have a peace of mind that your parents are in good hands and feel completely comfortable about their new life. Below you can find a list of six things to pay attention to when choosing home care service in Montreal.

1. Credentials and licensing. There are usually hundreds of individuals whom you may cooperate with, not even mentioning numerous home care service agencies in Montreal, QC. But regardless of the kind of home care service in Montreal, QC you decide to cooperate with, ensure to verify basic credentials and license number. Don’t also forget about trainings individuals and company employees have undergone to perform this kind of services. 

2. Background checks. Senior care is a very neat field of medical services where everyone knows everyone. So if you would like to get a truly professional candidate for your elderly parents, perform some background check for every perspective expert on your list. Read comments and don’t forget about the complaints register.

3. References. References from previous employers of a given caregiver are another great advantage and positive sign of a professional. When you meet a candidate for the first time, ask him or her to provide you list of references to verify the reality yourself.

4. Immigration status.  Hiring illegal immigrants will not make you any good except saving money. Always look for home care service providers in Montreal who have good records and proper legal status in the country. 

5. Legal matters. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. So when you hire a person, sign a legal contract between the sides to ensure that you have a paper with signatures. Here is a list of things that any contract between you and senior care provider must include:

  • Complete list of duties and responsibilities of the senior care services, including but not limited to working hours, schedule, precise duties, meals, etc.
  • Compensation and benefits, such as rate, frequency, days off, vacation time, any perks, etc.
  • Transportation (if any): guidelines for using your car and basic info about the local public transportation.
  • Discretion and confidentiality: you need to make sure that your private matters will not be spilled somewhere in the bar. 

6. Finances/taxes. A lot of people try saving their money by paying under the table to the caregivers. Remember that this is completely illegal in Montreal, Canada and extremely dangerous for both sides. 

Elina Sivakis a blogger for a range of online publications, who covers various medical subjects typified by home senior care in Montreal, Canada and other areas alike. A committed vagabond of internet space and an influencer in all that has to do with the medical.


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