Staging A Home – The Reason Why Houses Are Sold Fast

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Staging A Home – The Reason Why Houses Are Sold Fast

If you meet a re6743040405_4b53642b19_zal estate agent to speak about selling your home, they will almost always tell you to stage your home to get a good price. The process is such that you showcase your house well and the buyer gets impressed and buys the house.It is a fact that not everyone stages a home, but it should be mandatory as it is really helpful. 

Staging a home will get a good price for your house but you need to put in some effort to make the house look good. It is really worth the time and effort. If you plan to sell your house immediately without staging then you should be ready to sell it at a lower price then you thought you would sell because buyers tend to lower the price of a house for small things like painting the front door.

The rule is to grab the buyer from the curb itself. The potential buyers usually make many reconnaissance rounds around the house to check the house, the neighbourhood etc. The staging is done to grab the buyers attention in the first drive by itself. Cleaning the walls, the lawn etc., is an utmost necessity. It is also worthwhile to place plants in the curb. Do not park your used Toyota Sienna or even a new Mercedes in the curb; it will hamper the buyer’s vision, it is better to park the car inside the garage. Remember to paint the main door and if required the garage door too.

The next step is to make your house shine. The whole house should be sparkling clean. Dust should not be allowed to settle. The person walking in should feel that he or she is looking at a new house, not a house that is lived in. Clean the sinks, the cupboards etc.

The house should be painted again if required. Do not go for very bright colors, opt for natural hues and colours that increase light in the house. At the same time, keep the drapes and windows open. Allow natural light to come through, because natural light enhances the chances of a sale.

When a buyer visits your home, he or she envisions living there. So remove all photos and other personal items from your home because the buyer needs to feel that they live there. They need to think that their personal items would be placed in your home and if a buyer starts thinking about placing the sofa here and the flower vase there, then you have most probably got a sale.

Repair broken tiles, repair kitchen and bathroom faucets, replace broken electrical fittings etc. These are all small repairs, but a buyer will want to deduct a lot of money for these repairs and you will end up selling a home for lesser than you thought possible.

If the carpets are worn, get a brand new carpet installed. It is an investment which will give good returns for you when the house is sold.

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