Staging Expert’s Secrets to Getting Your Home Ready for a Sale

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In the real estate world, staging is the act of making a home look appealing to potential buyers. Staging ensures that possible buyers are not discouraged by the house’s superficial appearance, so they are more likely to make a larger offer on the home. There are professional stagers you can hire, but any homeowner can stage a home just by using a few basic concepts. Follow these tips to stage your home in a way that will improve your chances of making a big sale.


Paint Walls in Light, Neutral Shades

One of the biggest things that turn away buyers is simply bold colors on walls. People cannot help being subconsciously less interested in a home painted in colors they do not like, and buyers do not want to have to think about the work of painting themselves after buying the home. The main goal in staging is to get buyers to picture themselves living in the house, and this is easier when the walls are neutral shades that will match the buyer’s possessions. Bright white can look too sterile, so the best colors include soft beiges, tans, and grays. In fact, market research has found that painting a bedroom khaki and a living room light-gray can increase selling price by almost $2,500. If you want to use actual colors, stick to soft, muted shades of a pale wheat yellow or a muted moss green.


Get Rid of Clutter

Go through each room to your home and pick up unnecessary items like toys, clothes, dishes, or grooming tools that are lying around. Buyers may not consciously dislike a home just because you did not have time to pick up, but it makes areas look crowded and dirty. Even though they are not cluttered to you, personal heirlooms generally need to be packed away as well. It is hard for a buyer to think about enjoying living in the home when other people’s family photos and trophies are hanging up.


Rearrange and Remove Furniture

According to professional stagers, as much as half of the current furniture in a home should be removed. Getting rid of excess furniture helps to make each room look bigger. Of course, you do not want to make everything too sparse, so be sure to leave all basic necessities. Staged houses typically contain necessities, such as beds, couches, and dining tables, along with a few accent pieces like end tables and armchairs. Once you have decided on which pieces stay, rearrange them to encourage buyers to walk through each room. The best option is centered conversational groups that make an area look large and welcoming.


Improve Curb Appeal

It is important to remember that the outside of your home also needs to be staged. If possible, rent a pressure washer to clean the walls, driveway, and sidewalks thoroughly. Revitalize old flower beds with a little fresh mulch and some bright flowers. You do not need to spend a lot of money repainting the whole house, but a fresh coat of paint on your front door and garage door can make your whole house look cleaner and newer. Make it look more welcoming with new house numbers, a cheerful mailbox, and a door mat.


Add the Finishing Touches

The final step to staging is adding a few stylistic elements to make your home look modern and stylish. Make sure you have adequate lighting and add lamps if necessary. Hang a few impersonal pictures of landscapes or modern art on the walls. Pick some basic home decor, like vases, fresh flowers, books, bowls, potted greenery, and figurines, in coordinating colors to accent flat surfaces such as tables, countertops, and shelves. Group them in odd numbers of one, three, or five for maximum impact.


These steps to staging your home correctly will ensure that your home looks pleasant and livable to most buyers. Proper staging will downplay a home’s weaknesses while calling attention to all its strengths. Though your staged home may no longer suit your personal tastes, it can end up selling for quite a bit more when you encourage potential buyers to imagine living in your home.




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