Stones for the Betterment of Life

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 Gem stones in Indian history and astrological beliefs are not just mere precious stones. They are believed to bring positive changes in an individual’s life if they are worn according to their birth chart needs.

People take help from the astrologers who study their birth chart and find out which planet is strong in their life and which one has malefic effects in them. According to that, they suggest one to wear a gem stone to bring positive changes in their life. They can ask one to wear neelam stone or coral stone or emerald and that completely depends on the birth charts of an individual.

According to Hindu astrological beliefs corals should be worn to have a boost of confidence. Those who hesitate to take a decision in any stage of life should get benefitted from wearing it. It also strengthens the bone structure and if someone is suffering from constipation problems. It helps a lot to those who suffer from calcium deficiency and scarcity of anti oxidants in human body. It is also called the stone of transformation and peace. Coral according to mythology is a protection for women and children. It nourishes the blood and improves the nervous system in a human body. Thus, wearing a coral brings peace in life. It also protects one from all the evil spirits around giving the person a lot of mental as well as physical strength. It is said that for those, whose birth chart has a strong position of Mars in it, should definitely wear this stone.

On the other hand Emerald gemstone is basically green in colour. It is one of the most popular gem stone which is semi hard in nature. Emeralds are found in many parts of the world and are mined in Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar and Zimbabwe. It is indeed a precious stone and is also a bit costly. Buying an emerald stone is also a kind of investment. Thus, before buying one has to be extra cautious about the quality of the stone. According to Hindu Mythology, the properties of an emerald stone are connected with Mercury planet and according to the Zodiac indications it is connected with Leo and Virgo. It is said that people who are born under these signs gets a lot of benefit by using this stone.

Then comes the blue sapphire or the neelam stone. This is mainly worn so that one can achieve leadership qualities in them. Many people who are in administrative jobs lack the leadership qualities though they need the most. This stone can actually help them. There are also many people who have problem in putting their opinion in front of other people because they lack confidence. This stone brings a confidence boost in them.

Original blue sapphire stone price or original emerald or coral stone is obviously high as they are expensive gem stones. The astrologers also prescribe the amount of karats one needs to wear of a stone and one can buy the stone depending in that.




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