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The practice of affecting the visibility of your website is called the SEO. The search engine optimization is the set of procedures to affect the site or a web page in a search engine’s organic results. If your website has a strong architecture and clear navigation, then it has the more chances to get indexed. Well, it is essential to optimize your site as the more frequently your site appears on the top, the more visitors you get. Thus we can say that it is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. Do not forget to add the word “organic search engine results.”

How Does SEO Work?

Whenever you search on Google, you get many results for your search. You click the top website thinking that it might contain the more relevant content. Have you ever thought that what the procedure behind these rankings is? Well, someone has worked hard on the site that is at the top of the search engine rankings. The Google has the crawlers that go in and out to gather information about all the content on the internet. To know more about the SEO you can visit

Following are a few SEO tips that might be helpful for the beginners:

·       Do a little keyword research before selecting a topic for your website? Though you can create a single website for many things, it would be better to make a site about one thing. It will make it easy for you to do the keyword research and you would not end up in a mess.

·       Your keyword is the most important thing that can bring success. So mention keyword where it matters the most. Add the keyword in the URL of your site and the title of your web page.

·       Many content management systems do the internal linking to your site. It is critical, so if your system does not do so, you should do it yourself.

·       You need to research your competition to estimate the chances of your success. It is not that difficult to know your competition.

·       If you are doing the SEO without keyword research, then you are ignoring an important factor in your success. Choose one keyword to focus on and then write entertaining and informative content. Just bear in mind that your content would be the most important element that would grab the attention of visitors and bring more and more traffic.

·       External links are important as well. The external links are the links other than your website. You can guess how important external linking by knowing that the Google determines how good your post is by your external linking.

·       Never ignore on the page and off page aspects of SEO if you want to get the better rankings in the search engines.

·        Remove all the factors that slow down your website. Visitors do not have enough time to wait until your site opens.



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