Stylish and comfortable feet: tips for choosing shoes

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When choosing what to wear, many times we do not know how to make the shoes fit our look.Do not miss the following tips to keep in mind. 

Shoes are not an accessory anymore, many times they can lift our outfit or … drop it down! And it is very, when choosing them, that we take into account the comfort and care of our feet.Combining shoes with what we wear can be very simple if you take these tips into account:

1. Comfort

Prolonged use of a certain type of shoe can cause damage and pain in your feet that is preferable to avoid. Extremely high shoes or small shoes can create discomfort when worn excessively . That is why it is important that you take into account the amount of time that you will be wearing them when choosing them.

2. A style, a shoe

Something very important that we must have in clear is the style that we want to achieve. The shoes with high heels, platforms, little things, are associated with different styles that we must recognize. Depending on the clothes we wear and the occasion, we must choose. For example, for elegant occasions, high heels can help a lot, make your outfit and even your movements and walking are more elegant. Instead, for more casual occasions or more busy days, you must take into account your comfort : low shoes or flat sandals (depending on the time of year) will help you look good without losing comfort and firmness. 

3. The balance between complements

Shoes, belt, wallet, accessories … They have always taught us different ways to combine them. When you choose your shoes, take into account the rest of the accessories that you will use. But look! Do not just stay with this premise because then your look can become unoriginal. Also do not exaggerate choosing without taking into account the texture, colors and style. It is important to maintain a balance. 

4. Colors and Patterns

The shoes that we are going to wear should not necessarily be the same color as the clothes , but it is important not to choose colors or patterns that compete with each other. For example, if we choose a colorful outfit and showy, our shoes should be rather simple, smooth and unadorned . Neither should we use a single color: T-shirt, pants and blue shoes make us dull and monochromatic. A look like this can change completely with shoes of another color (in combination) more striking. We can also use different shades , that is, the same color but in different shades.

5. A shoe for each season

For each season there is a type of shoe. In spring and autumn you can have a little more flexibility, but in winter are recommended closed shoes and wide heel . This winter will be wearing high boots, and also boots with wide heel. In summer we recommend open shoes, sandals and little hats. 

6. The tacos favor your silhouette

Using high heels allows you to see your legs longer; If you want to achieve this visual effect, you can do it with long skirts and dresses, or slim pants. If you have short legs you should not wear tight-fitting tights because they tend to shorten legs. In addition, the tacos can be used with casual clothes to add a little style to the clothes of daily use.

7. Shoes, skirts and dresses

If we wear polleras or long dresses, it is usually recommended to combine them with high shoes, as this will avoid treading the garment. Instead, for short dresses and skirts, it is better to wear tight shoes or short boots; Also, in summer, these garments can be worn with sandals or shoes (either flat or with taco). 

8. The shoes and jean


There are several options for each type of jean. For lickers or skinny jeans, we can choose between stilettos, high boots with taco, or shoes with platform . In summer we can also wear them with sandals for a more casual style. Straight jeans are the best match with everything: we can wear low or high stilettos and boots for a more arranged style, or sneakers for a casual look. On the other hand, if we are going to use a jean with boot cut or wide, we can choose between boots inside, some bozos, shoes of average cue or platform.

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