Tabletop fireplaces that work with bioethanol

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Everyone, or most, has ever dreamed of the warm and comfortable view of a fireplace fire at home. However, lack of space, not having smoke, living in community … are, in many cases, insurmountable impediments? Not anymore.

In recent years the manufacturers surprise us with ideal models of fireplaces for the table, which can be placed or embedded in the coffee tables so that we do not have to give up the heat and the effect of fire so cozy that offer traditional fireplaces. And the best thing is that they work with bioethanol, a very clean fuel that does not generate fumes or ashes.

Minimalist design

The Etna chimney, a minimalist design to place in any environment. In stainless steeland with a protection panel of tempered safety glass, has a measures of 35 x 12 x 28 cm (99 €).

In modern interiors

This other model stands out for its simplicity and elegance. It is the stone fireplace ,cylindrical and with base of Scandinavian stone, is a perfect choice for modern interiors. 


Simple Commer is a fully compact model. The combustion of this small chimney lasts for up to seven hours. The interior of the burner is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibers to prevent leaks and spills.

Enameled ceramic

This mini fireplace is ideal for placing on the surface of the table instead of the traditional candles. It carries 1 combustion block of 1.5 liters, with regulation of the flame, made of stainless steel, reason why its resistance is a sure guarantee. With double layer of resistance with ceramic fiber. It incorporates a system of security in the deposit, by means of which the flame turns off automatically in case of rollover.

Integrated into a table

Designed by Arik Levy, Fire Coffee is a coffee table with a wide steel base resembling a rosette. The singularity of this table lies in the central glass cylinder in which the flames of living fire seem to dance. This piece of contemporary design is perfect to place on porches and glazed terraces.

Table, magazine rack and fireplace

This table, made in lacquered DMF, has a compartment for magazines and newspapersso you always have them on hand when you feel like reading by the fireplace.

Armchair with fireplace

Hillside is a table model with warm and comfortable fireplace. It is composed of an ergonomic armchair and a coffee table that are perfectly integrated together. Made in oak, natural stone and glass, this table has three applications: it can be used as a simple coffee table, as a table with a fireplace and, finally, in a relaxing armchair with fireplace, simply separating the two blocks.

Fireplace bookcase


At the Zerino table, a design of the Ak47 studio, there is a space in the center where you can accommodate candles and also a small fireplace. It also has a lower space to place books or other objects.

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