Take A Sneak Peek Inside $300 Million Luxury Dreamliner Private Jet

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Traveling in style is the passion of the people as they love to utilize the luxury items and private jet company reveals the Boeing Dream liner for the first time in the UK that provides you chance to make your luxury travel with an elegant atmosphere.

The Dream liner aircraft change the trend of modern traveling and given a seriously lavish makeover and becomes the world first luxury business charter and the interior look of the jet seems as you are not traveling but sitting inside a five-star hotel.

Let’s have look inside the luxury aircraft and its feature that made a dream of every person to travel and enjoy the beauty of luxury items in the air.

Luxury Master Bedroom:

The luxury aircraft consists of master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom and if the person wants to catch few hours of sleep while traveling 18 lie-flat first class seats are available for the ease of people which are available in the separate guest cabin.

Luxury Sofas For Main Lounge:

They can sit comfortable on the comfortable sofas available at the main lounge with the dining table to enjoy the meal and everything is tailored in such a way that provides ultimate comfort to the people and the windows of aircraft are larger than others and the air is kept clean.


The people traveling in luxury aircraft will enjoy the entertainment including wide TV screens in the lounge and variety of solutions are available for the connectivity and the separate areas are available for the crews and guest to take rest in a long-haul journey.

The jet provides you luxury lifestyle in the single jet whereas you can enjoy the meal on the dining table instead of a folding table like other aircraft and seats are pretty comfortable and the amenities inside the aircraft are also luxury.

The aircraft was available at the London’s Stansted Airport for the first time by private jet company Deer Jet and covering the host of direct routes including London to Beijing or Hong Kong to Los Angeles and the company is offering items that made travel a dream of everyone.

The company added that we are a pleasure to reveal the jet in the London as we are providing a business person, leisure travelers to enjoy the luxury items worldwide and enjoy the technology of the modern world with lifestyle.

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