Taking A Close Look At Luxury Yachts

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What Is A Luxury Yacht?

A yacht is a recreational boat usually between 33 -192 ft. in length. A luxury yacht also called the superyacht or mega-yacht is over 79 feet. All yachts need to be registered in the port of their country where their flag state is registered. One of such flag state registrars in Malta is yachtregistrationmalta.net. Please log on to the portal for further information.

According to the regulations of some countries of a yacht is over 79 feet or 24 meters then it should have a permanent crew onboard.  Good examples of superyachts would be the “Eclipse” owned by Russian Businessman Roman Abramovich at 192 feet and “Azzam” said to be owned by President of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 







Maintenance of Luxury Yachts

Some yachts constitute a fleet of cruise liners that sail with tourists, while others are owned privately and rented out occasionally. The weekly charter rates range from tens of thousands to a million dollars. A 20 – 30% extra advance provision allowance may be charged to cover food, fuel and berthing.

The luxury yacht owners mitigate their costs with this income. This not only gives boost to the tourism industry but also keeps the crew onboard in top working order. This arrangement works well for private charterers as they don’t have to maintain a yacht. The joy is that they can charter a different design every time they want to sail.

Yachts dock in a port of choice, the guests go sight-seeing while the crew does maintenance work. They typical ports of destination for these luxury yachts are the French and Italian Riviera and Spain. They dock into well-renowned places like Cannes, St. Tropez, Portofino, Puerto Portals, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Porto Cervo, Puerto Banús, Las Palma, Majorca, etc. All these ports have an amazing nightlife, diving and swimming sites. All the festivities continue onboard the luxury yachts too. Of recently the explorers of the business world have ventured into exploring the remote regions of the Earth, such as Alaska, Galapagos, Arctica and Antarctica.

Where Are They Built?


Luxury yacht charter and building companies are mostly based in the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. The usual design comprises of a Sun Deck, Upper deck, Main deck and Lower Deck.

Heesen Motor Yacht ZENTRIC – plans

Each of these levels may have a different layout depending upon the designer. But most have fitted with cabins, saloons, hallways, stairs, exterior areas such as swimming pools, bars, etc. Basically, you can expect every amenity you could dream of while in the lap of luxury on this posh tub.

Motor yacht ORIENT STAR – Layout of decks

How To Buy A Luxury Yacht?

The process is as flows:

     1. Search and Select – A yacht broker enlists the ones on the market. You review and inspect the yachts.

       2. Make the offer – after you have selected your dreamboat. Your broker will draw up an industry standard contract.

          3. Acceptance of the offer – as stated in contract.

          4. The Survey of electronic, electrical, mechanical equipment are tested.

          5. Sea Trail – of the yacht.

          6. Acceptance plus 10% deposit on the complete cost.

          7. The Closing – of the deal.

The last step is registry of the yachts. They are flagged offshore in places like Malta at registries that offer inexpensive registry services with tax benefits and savings. Happy Sailing!!



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