Technology Holds Students Back. Really?

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Modern pupils are much different from the students of past years. A few decades ago, we did not have so many cutting-edge technologies and the Internet, which today provide us with significant assistance in our lives and the educational process. Did it become easier to study? Does it help to get a better experience and more knowledge? Or maybe the modern technologies are just holding students back, and the Internet fills young people’s brains with a bunch of unnecessary information? There is no exact answer to these questions.

Of course, numerous interactive devices and technologies give numerous benefits if used in the classroom but, at the same time, tools that are aimed to help pupils learn better often give the opposite result.

What Benefits Students Get Using Technology?

Ease of access to the information. With the help of the Internet and a laptop, you can promptly and easily find any sort of information without the necessity to visit a library or conducting a time-consuming and tedious research. The search for relevant literature takes much less time.

Large abundance of online courses and materials. Apart from a large number of easily-accessible information, there are also various additional courses that can help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge and master new topics or subjects with ease.

The opportunity to learn remotely. This is another significant benefit – technologies give you a possibility to study remotely, which does not only mean attending an online college or school instead of a real one, it also allows you to prepare for exams and recall the learned material on the go. No matter where you are if you have a device and the Internet – you can read school books, read the notes from a lecture, and search for more details with ease!

Extra help. Really there is nothing you could not do online! Today, you can even hire a tutor over the Internet or ask for quick academic assistance online (for example, at EduBirdie) and grant yourself a high grade!

How Does Technology Hold Students Back?

The benefits of educational technology may be obvious but it is not always as good as we think of it and, in fact, there are also certain issues that can appear.

Invalid data. Despite the fact that technology gives you a possibility to find information easier, all collected data needs to be carefully systemized and filtered to determine and avoid invalid sources. It is very easy to make a mistake! Thus, instead of getting the necessary knowledge, you can only stuff your head with a bunch of fake information and also earn an unsatisfactory grade. 

Cheating. Many school and university students enjoy the benefits of the Internet in preparation for tests but many also prefer to use it for cheating – there are quite a lot of resources on which you can find answers to exams or papers on various topics. To use it you only need to click the download button.  For many young people, it sounds tempting but is it any helpful? Yes, you will not have to waste your time or put many efforts to complete your assignments but, with such approach, you will not gain any knowledge, which makes it a worthless waste of time!

Distraction. Sometimes students simply forget about studying – they start searching for information on the Internet and gradually move to gaming sites or social networks without even noticing it, which causes too much harm to the learning process!

Health harm. A significant issue is a harm to our health that can be caused by constant use of numerous devices, which means that sometimes it is a good idea to give pupils a break during the class and distract them from the devices.

Final Words

Everything is good if balanced! There are many benefits of technologies, but there are also many risks. Thus, something that was aimed at simplifying and enhancing the process can cause significant harm and worsen pupils’ performances. That is why it is essential to find a balance! Teachers need to approach technologies with caution and create a right balance between the standard methods of education and use of technology. If there will be a balance – there will be high results, better performance, higher interaction, and in general better engagement of pupils both inside and outside of the classroom!

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