Tesla — Promotion of Automobile Product

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To a electric vehicle , the greatest advantage of Tesla is that it can let the car realize OTA upgrading as a mobile phone by the upgrading the firmware and provide a timeless individual experience. Since April, 2014, Tesla finished 8 times of OTA firmware over-the-air upgrade. This October of this year, Tesla provided v8.0, this version optimize the bugs about automatic drive and secure of information. Whats more, there are some additions of new functions. Rui Yanan said that OTA was the best method to realize constant improving of user experience.

Firstly, OTA is conducive to improve potential problems. Nowadays, the increasing number of ECU, algebra and codes, the proportion of software in the cars value become more and more important. And also with the bigger potential venture of the car. By using FOTA we can solve 90? software problems efficiently, reflect the emergency timely, and repair the bugs at the same time. Secondly, FOTA upgrade can provide new functions to give the users a novel feelings. Whats more, FOTA upgrade provide a good experience in human-computer interface.

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