The 3 Ways Artificial Christmas Trees Are Better Than Real Ones

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Every year, many people debate about whether they should get a real Christmas tree or an artificial one.  Many of these people feel that a real tree is more authentic and will add a better atmosphere to their home.  However, if you are in two minds about your Christmas tree, you should consider the top 3 ways that an artificial tree will trump a real one.


The Costs


The tops way that an artificial tree is better than a real one is the cost.  While the initial outlay for the tree could be more when buying an artificial one, the long-term costs are much lower.  When you purchase a real tree, you will need to purchase a new one every year.  With an artificial tree, you only have to buy one for a number of years.


Of course, when looking at the costs, you will also need to consider the quality of the tree materials.  Good quality artificial Christmas trees can cost a few hundred, but they are likely to last for several years.  Cheaper artificial trees will also last a few years, which still makes them a better choice when compared to real trees.


The Easy Set-Up


A real Christmas tree will look lovely in your home, but this will be after the hassle of getting the tree home and setting it up.  When you buy a real tree, you will have to first cut it down or buy it from a lot, bring it home and drag it into the house.  You will also have to generally trim the base of the tree which can affect the height of the tree and how it stands.  While doing all of this, you will also be dragging sticky sap along the floors and leaving pine needles everywhere.


An artificial tree is much easier to set up and comes in a mess-free box for transportation.  All you will have to do is follow the instructions on how to set up the branches and you will have a tree without the hassle.  Additionally, many newer artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit which means that you will never have to worry about tangled Christmas lights again. 


Cleaning up after the holidays is also easier with an artificial tree.  You will simply have to dismantle it and store it in the box until next year.  With a real tree, you will need to ensure that you place it for collection or chop it up.


Fire Retardant And Hypoallergenic


Safety is something that you need to consider during the holiday period, particularly when you are decorating your home.  There are many people who dispute the safety of artificial trees, but the fact is that they are generally sprayed with a fire retardant solution to ensure that they do not catch alight.  This is something that you will not find with a real Christmas tree which could make them a fire hazard.  The longer you have your real Christmas tree, the drier it will get and this could cause a fire when exposed to heat over a period of time.


Other than being fire retardant, artificial christmastrees are also hypoallergenic.  If you or anyone in your family has asthma or has allergies, this could be triggered by the spores on a real tree.  An artificial tree does not have any spores which mean that they will not be able to trigger any attacks or allergies making the holiday season a bit better.



There are many ways that artificial trees are better than real ones.  It is important that you consider these ways before you choose the type of tree that you are going to be getting this year.

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