The 7 Best Attractions Of Ferrari World

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Ferrari World is a theme park in Abu Dhabi, not just for enthusiasts of luxury automobiles, but also for thrill seekers of high octane velocity that only the Ferrari brand can provide. Ferrari World has rides for the whole family, and is home to some of the fastest roller coasters and most immersive 4D attractions in the world.


Ferrari World entry fee

Visitors can buy a reasonable Dubai package with a Ferrari World entry fee for admission into the park and access to these exciting rides:

Formula Rossa

For the world’s fastest roller coaster, look no further than the Formula Rossa. Get inside the cockpit of a coaster stylised as a Ferrari brand Formula 1 race car, then feel the intensity as the ride goes from zero to 240 kilometres per hour in less than 5 seconds. This 2 kilometre track has a peak height of 52 metres high and features turns as sharp as 70 degrees.

Flying Aces

For tourists that prefer the air over the road, Flying Aces can propel parkgoers at an upwards of 63 meters into the air. The claim to fame of Flying Aces is its record breaking loop as high as 52 meters. Inspired by military aviator planes, this is a coaster for those that enjoy elevation, loops, and drops.

Speed of Magic

This ride is a 4D fantasy adventure. Join Nello, a CGI Ferrari driver, on a whimsical adventure and experience the thrills as you travel through icy caves, underwater oceans, and outer space, where lighting, temperatures, and vibrations of your seating will adjust accordingly. For a ride that your whole family can enjoy, this magical ride with Nello will exceed everybody’s expectations.

Fiorano GT Challenge

A parallel track roller coaster, the Fiorano GT Challenge lets you race with or against friends and family as 2 coasters, posing as Ferrari Spiders, race to be the best. Enjoy the thrill of breakneck speeds and hairpin turns, as the ride can go as fast as 95 kilometres an hour. Challenge your friends multiple times and determine who is the better racer.

Junior Grand Prix

For children looking to compete on their own, there is the Junior Grand Prix. Half the size of a Formula 1 car, children can drive these miniature vehicles along a small, gentle track. Before racing, participants will be trained by watching an educational film on how to drive a Ferrari competitively and safely. To get a knack for Ferraris and Formula 1 Racing, have your children partake in a fun, friendly race.

Galleria Ferrari

For tourists who want a break from the action can observe a collection of vintage and modern Ferrari automobiles. Learn about the history of the Ferrari company and models. Several red Ferraris are on display to get up close and personal with, while each exhibit provides facts and trivia about each. You would be surprised to hear that the display of cars varies by the day, so be sure to stop by multiple times during your trip with your Ferrari World entry fee to see even more classic Ferraris on display.

Scuderia Challenge

For a state of the art hydraulic simulation, you can see and feel what it is like to race in a real Ferrari. The Scuderia Challenge will have you drive the Yas Marina Circuit, based on the real life track of the same name, in which you can race off with friends and other parkgoers, or drive on your own to get the best time. Get the feeling of turning, shaking, and bumping across the track and claim bragging right on the competition. 

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