The 9 Most Luxurious Gardens In The World

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Spending time outside is a physical and mental wellness booster and the best way to reconnect with nature and yourself. A traveler can combine the benefits of sports and sightseeing by visiting city gardens, where beauty and history often merge for the pleasure of the passerby. Gardens are commonly found in every major city around the world, with the following being among the most impressive:

1. Versailles Palace, France

France is well-known for its formal garden design based on symmetry and the idea of setting order on nature, a style developed in 15th century. The lavish gardens of Versailles, created by Andre Le Notre, stand out for their contrasts of elaborate grand perspectives and intimate relaxation spaces.

2. Kew Gardens, London England

Located in South-West London, these gardens impress the visitor with a vast display of ornamental buildings, plant houses, galleries and museums, where the greatest and most diverse botanical collection of the world can be found.

3. Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

A 30-acre area of delightful design innovation, this garden is a celebration of nature and the universe through creativity. Developed by Maggie and Charles Jencks in 1989, it encompasses diverse architectural and landscape works inspired by scientific concepts.

4. Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof delights visitors with its collection of 7 million rare flowers and harmoniously blends different styles, including a Japanese country garden, an English Landscape terrace, a historical garden and a water garden.

5. Hillwood Estate, Museum & Garden, Washington USA

The garden of this decorative art museum complex is designed in the Japanese manner and features a fine orchid collection. It was the residence of socialite and businesswoman Marjorie Merriweather Post, who developed this place as an homage to her main passions – history and art.

6. The Butchart Gardens, British Columbia

This garden has an interesting past, since it evolved from a cement quarry belonging to the Butchart family that was passed down to the next generations and further improved and transformed into a leisure space. The waterfalls and bird collection are the eye-catchers of this landmark.

7. Jardin Majorelle, Morocco

Majorelle has a history of famous artist owners, as it was created by painter Jacques Majorelle and later owned by designer Yves Saint Laurent. It exhibits Mediterranean traits and stands out for its vibrant colors and exotic charm.

8. Shalimar Garden, Pakistan

A true gem of the Persian Paradise landscape style, this garden emerged in the 17th century at the wish of emperor Shah Jahan. The beauty seeker can wander along the three levels of terraces and admire the five water cascades, as well as the countless fountains that discharge into gorgeous marble pools.

9. Yuyuan Garden, China

A garden with a rich history, Yuyuan is designed in the Suzhou style and regarded as a place where you can find inner peace and happiness. There is a lot to explore here, from ancient constructions to winding caves, cliffs and ponds.

If after visiting one of the aforementioned luxuriant green spaces you’ll suddenly feel the urge to take up gardening yourself, remember that you can try to design your own cozy corner of nature at home. Many creative solutions are available even for the smallest of spaces. With a little bit of work and a range of hand trolleys and hand trucks to help you out, you too can have your very own easy-to-handle garden where you’ll enjoy many wonderful moments.

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