The All-Time Favorite Fish cuisines

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Fish is very healthy for the body. It contains some essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin D. Omega 3 helps in maintaining accurate blood pressure as well as improves mental function while Vitamin D strengthens the bones of the body. In researches, it has been observed that people who eat fish on a regular basis have less risk of suffering from cancer and heart attack.

India has a wide coastline which enables a huge variety of fish dishes. The fish needs to be chosen carefully as fish with bright eyes and colour are more recommended. They are fresh, and they smell well. For better cooking, one has to take care of time and heat. The fish should be cooked on low heat for an appropriate time. Here are some most favourite fish dishes from India are:

       Red hot chilli fish curry: This fish curry invites all the spice lovers, and one cannot ignore it. This fiery fish is made with kokum, coconut oil, curry leaves, and a good quantity of red chillies. This tropical species has potential to make you instantly salivate.

       Fish Curry with Lotus stems: The recipe from the top of the India, Jammu & Kashmir is great to eat. This delicious curry is made with Surmai fish fillets, whole species, desi ghee and the warmth of cinnamon. Admittedly, this gravy dish will make you lick your fingers.

       IlishMachherJhol: One of the most loved fish named Hilsa is very popular because of its unique taste. The tenderness of the flesh and silvery appeal make it a unique dish. This is little bit oily fish than others.

       MeenAlleppey Curry with Brown Rice: Kerala is very well known for its cuisine. This dish is prepared using raw mangoes and Pomfret fillet. The mixed taste of salty and sweet gives it an amazing taste. The combination of brown rice and a sweet curry is appreciable.

       DoiKatta: This Bengali’s favourite curry is delicately marinated, cooked and spiced in a Yogurt based curry giving it a creamy and smooth taste. Get full doi Katla recipe online now.

       Goan Fish Curry: A dish from India‘s tourism place Goa. This fish dish is garnished with coconut and some extra masala made of garlic, tamarind, and red chillies. Have a hot and spicy taste in every bite of this dish.

       BommidayilaPulusu: A mouth-watering dish from the region of Nawabs, Hyderabad. One cannot ignore the pleasant aroma of this dish. The dish is perfect for the spicy food lovers.

       MachchaBesarou: The fried Rohu dipped in the bold and strong flavour of turmeric. The dish has been originated from Orissa, and it’s a perfect example of excellence in taste.

       Fish Mappas: The creamy and buttery taste of this item will give you a unique experience of eating. The creamy dish is made with coconut milk and shallots. The dish is best served with appams (a south Indian oval shaped dish). 


These dishes can be easily made at home so you must try at least once. Know how to make DoiKatla in few minutes with step to step instructions. 

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