The App Developers Launch ‘Social for Everyone’ – Pioneering Scheme Making Social Apps Accessible for Start-Ups

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Tech wizards The App Developers have launched an exciting new program set to make social networking apps easy and affordable for Britain’s growing legion of small businesses and start-ups. ‘Social for Everyone’ is the innovative new scheme which allows start-ups to reap the benefits of their very own social app in the mould of Uber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram or Tinder, with full customisation options so that businesses can personalise these apps as an extension of their brand.

Social apps are incredibly expensive to build from scratch, with The App Developers estimating that it can cost around £50,000 to fund the entire app development process. For many start-ups and small businesses running on shoestring budgets, this figure can seem unachievable. But with apps increasingly becoming an essential marketing and branding tool for businesses that want to make their mark in the digital realm, The App Developers believed it was time to unveil their exciting new offer.

The App Developers, also known as The Sound Pipe Media, are specialists in developing social networking apps, and have honoured with a number of industry awards to prove it. The team were awarded Top App Company in Europe by, and Top App Development by Appendix just last year. Their credentials as leading social app developers offers total peace of mind to start-ups and small businesses that may be considering joining the ‘Social for Everyone’ revolution.

Taj Dhunay, Director of The App Developers, says, “’Social for Everyone’ is our exciting new scheme that helps start-ups and small businesses create their own valuable digital asset at a fraction of the usual cost. We’ve already built the framework for a multitude of social apps, and this dynamic new service means we can customise them to any business’ needs without them having to pay for the development of an entire app from scratch.”

Dhunay adds, “We have a fixed price option and a monthly payment package to help make this offer even more affordable for smaller ventures that are trying to build consumer relationships and cement their brand identity in the digital world. Apps are vital for up-and-coming businesses nowadays, but finance can act as something of a gatekeeper. ‘Social for Everyone’ is helping to level the digital playing field.”

The Mobile App Developers have already built a plethora of apps that have been featured by Apple and other top providers. Some of their most successful builds include the Sunseeker iOS app which showcases luxury yachts from their collection, Singles Badge a unique dating Social Network, Msty a musical social networking app and many others.

But it’s The App Developers’ work in the social arena that’s drawn the most attention from the industry. Their app, One Social, gives users an easy way to sign into all of their social networks and read their timelines in one streamlined app. Bandy is another example, with effortless social integration that allows users to connect and arrange to swap unwanted items.

For more information about ‘Social for Everyone’ or The App Developers, visit the website:   

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