The Best Types of Rollup Banner Stands

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Rollup banner stands are used as the supporting media for panels that display images of products and services electronically. Because of their adjustable designs, they can be set up in many exhibition grounds both in the outdoors and indoors when targeting different types of audiences. They come with poles of different sizes with supporting props at the top or bottom that give a perfect base for the banner. There are different types of these implements including the Rigid, Tension and Retractable models.


The Rigid type of rollup banner stands consists of the longest beam that offers a high backdrop for the strip of magnetic paper installed upon it. It can go to several meters high to serve as a small billboard only that this is more popular in trade shows The fact that it comes with a slim neutral colored pole aids in making a streamlined display that is devoid of any visible seam. The pole seems just like one integral piece with the graphic banner. It also comes with a heavy base and a light clasp at the top to consolidate the strip being held centrally in its confines. Due to the fact that the words and images can be seen clearly even from far, the frame can be set up almost anywhere. Thus, it offers a large background upon which to promote a product to a big audience.


The Tension type of rollup banner stands comes in a more flexible set and into the bargain a light pole. It has smaller dimensions that can be manipulated to assume different shapes for the exposed media. That is why many designers take advantage of its form to make a panel that ensembles that of the exact commodity being advertised. For example, it can be made in the form of a ship or a boat to relay an instantaneous message to the viewer. This often eradicates the need to include words to compliment the product since this is deemed as already self-explanatory.


The Retractable rollup banner stand is the smallest but has more adjustable qualities than those of the other types. It can be used both in the outdoors and indoors. It can also be mounted on varying furniture like on the top of the table and walls to give a captivating display. It can be placed in the most strategic positions to lure the attention of the viewer because it resembles a distracting picture frame. It also offers one the flexibility to change the graphics easily from one to the other without having to undergo a tedious process because the frame is self-contained. It even contains the device relaying the electronic images.


Any rollup banner stand can be used effectively in an exhibition if it is positioned in the right manner and at a strategic place. This is because it can consist of several frames on which to display images for audiences in different directions to view. This shows that the best of these should be chosen depending on the scope and locale of the exhibition.




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