The Biggest Art Myths, Busted!

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Undoubtedly, Art has been lovingly purchased by a lot of art collectors from all around the world. However, when it comes to buying Indian art online, not just you but everyone gets a bit skeptical.


Because just like you, they too have fallen prey to some myths and incidences which makes them stick to the traditional way of buying art through the brick-and-mortar model rather than switching to the more convenient way and to buy paintings online.

In this article we will be demystifying some most common myths and misconception that pop up in one’s mind even at the very thought of buying Indian art online.

1.     1.     Art pieces damage while shipping- The new art enthusiasts are usually plagued with this myth whenever they think of buying paintings online. This myth holds no ounce of truth for those who have received the art pieces through shipping.

Just like you order your groceries, clothes, crockery online, likewise paintings and other artworks can also be ordered and shipped.

To give the painting a protective skin, it is wrapped with a plastic wrap, a bubble wrap and a tape. After that it is covered with a cardboard as well.

After so many layers of packaging and wrapping, do you still think that the painting you want to own is in unsafe hands?

Always remember that the painting you want to upgrade the interiors with is dearer to the one who has made it.  

2.     Artworks are over-priced- First of all, understand that artworks are priceless. They have a lot of inputs in them such as imagination, thoughts and creativity which are put by the artists. When you buy original paintings online, the paintings are priced by the painter already and the only additional money that you pay is the shipping charge.

You’ll find the same prices of the same artwork in an online and traditional art gallery.

3.     Artists selling online aren’t good-

Right from a needle to a car, everything can be found online these days.  Many famous artists have started selling online as they have sensed it now that online selling is a great way of reaching their target and prospective buyers. They are doing so, because understandably a person interested in a certain genre of artworks or artist’s works will not come to another country just to visit that art gallery. Putting the images of the paintings online and selling them through this channel is more feasible.

Hence, this myth is completely untrue.  

4.     Buy anything but art online-

Gone are the days when selling and buying online was a taboo and something which people were resistant of. Do you still think before buying clothes or gadgets, groceries, accessories? No.

Then why not to buy paintings online?

Buying paintings online will save so much of your time and is way more convenient as well. Switching to online art galleries and forgetting the old brick-and-mortar model, just like you switched for other things online, will make your life easier.

5.     Variety of artworks gets limited-

This myth is of the time when the concept of online art galleries was completely new to the buyers and sellers of paintings. Clearly, at that time the artworks on the virtual world were limited.

But in today’s time, this statement holds no importance as now the online art galleries have a wide collection of paintings by different artists in order to please every art enthusiast and collector.

In fact, the quantity of paintings that one finds online easily surpasses the ones that are found offline i.e. the art galleries.

6.     If the price is low, the painting is not good enough-

Each one of us has the habit of doubting the quality of the product that we are buying on some discount, sale or at a reasonable rate.

If the painting is appropriately priced, it is considered over-priced and if the painting is priced low, the quality and originality of it is doubted.

Realize that new artists often keep the price of their paintings relatively low so as to attract more buyers and increase the value of their brand. This in no way makes the painting worthless.  

7.     It’s the gamble of the rich-

This myth has a very simple explanation rather comeback to it.

Do you stop buying clothes just because you cannot afford designer or big label clothes? 


Right from Versace to Forever 21, paintings too have different kinds of artists.

There is something for every art enthusiast that will fit in the amount of investment that they have predefined for their purchase.

These are the myths that are often heard by the people who want to buy paintings online. Hopefully, they are nothing more than myths for you too now. 


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